Tourist Places to Visit in Mong Tong, Myanmar, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Mong Tong, Myanmar, Asia

Mong Tong also called as Mong Ton is situated in the Asian continent towards the east of Myanmar in the Shan State. Mong Tong is a town in Mong Hsat District situated at a distance of 610 km from the capital city Naypyidaw.  Mong Tong town is surrounded by Thailand in the south, Mong Pan and Mong Nai Town in the west, Mong Hsat town in east and Mong Ping town in the north. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 20018’ N and 98056’ E.


Climate in Mong Tong:

Mong Tong is bounded by mountain regions and weather is relevantly pleasant throughout the year and during summer season the average temperature is 270C and in winter temperature drops to 130C.


History of Mong Tong:

The Shan rulers were descendants of the Mongols who entered the region in the year 1287. Their reign ended in the year 1555. From the year 1555 till 1885, the region was under the reign of the Myanmar Empire. In the year 1887 entire Shan state was annexed by the British. Mong Tong town too came under the British administration. In the year 1903, at the time of the British rule the Myanmar rail link was extended to Mong Tong connecting the place with Mandalay. At the time of Second World War, Shan state fell into the hands of the invading Japanese forces. During this time the Japanese created an air base through which they conducted air raids in other parts of the country. After the end of the Second World War, the British regained control of the region and began the reconstruction work. But still Mong Ton is under the army rule and one can view military camp in the town as this town is leading producer of opium, heroin and amphetamines and processed for the trade.


People & Culture of Mong Tong:

Populace of the region speaks Burmese, Jingpho, Kayah, Karen, Thai and Shan. However, Burmese is the official language of the country. Singing and dancing forms an integral part of the country. There are different religions worshipped in the country, Myanmar and most of the people of Mong Tong follow Buddhism, while others either follow Islam and Hinduism.


Tourist Places in Mong Tong:

Mong Ton is small village and there is nothing much to visit in the town is renowned for production and trafficking of narcotics and bounded by mountainous region. Some of the sites to visit nearly 100 kms from Mong Ton are listed here below:

  • Hill Tribe Village
  • Wat Zom Kham
  • Naung Tung Lake
  • Kengtung Hot Springs
  • Wat Pha Jao Lung
  • Pin Tauk Waterfall


Means of Commutation to Mong Tong:

Mong Tong has Mong Ton Airport situated at the distance of less than 3 kms from the town and airport caters to the arrival and departure of domestic flights. There are daily domestic flights available to places such as Thandwe, Mandalay, Tachilek, Nyaung U, Kengtung, Heho and Yangon and vice versa.

Mong Ton has well established networks of roadways to places within Myanmar. There are Buses available daily to places such as Taunggyi, Sakangyi, Mandalay, Yangon, etc and vice versa is situated close to border of Thailand and to get around the town there are Buses, Taxis, Vans, Motorcycles, and Cycles.


Accommodation Options at Mong Tong:

Mong Tong is situated close to the border of Thailand with limited accommodation facility in the town. Major hotels are situated in Taunggyi at the distance of 350 kms from the town. The hotels show all the hospitality and warmth towards the tourists who take accommodation in such hotels. Tourists can book hotels for short stay as well as long term stay and they can select a hotel as per their choice, requirements and budget. List of some of the hotels located in Taunggyi are as follows:

  • Shwe Inn Tha Floating Resort
  • Viewpoint Lodge & Fine Cuisines
  • Paradise Inle Resort
  • Myanmar Treasure Resort, Inle
  • Paramount Resort
  • Hupin Nyaung Shwe
  • Pristine Lotus Spa Resort

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