Tourist Places to Visit in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, America

Tourist Places to Visit in Fajardo, Puerto Rico, America

Fajardo is a city situated in the eastern part of Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory of the United States, around 60 km southeast of the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. It houses Puerto del Rey (which is the largest marina in the Caribbean) and it is also a recreational boating centre of Puerto Rico. Fajardo is surrounded by Ceiba on the north and Luquillo in the west.

Fajardo is the location of one of the few Bioluminescent Lagoons in the globe. It is also a gateway to small islets such as Palominito, Diablo, Icacos, and Palominos. Fajardo was established in the year 1772 as Santiago de Fajardo and later shortened to Fajardo.


Geography of Fajardo:

Fajardo coordinates with 18°19′33″ N latitude and 65°39′09″ W longitude and occupies 81 sq. km land area.


How to reach Fajardo?

Fajardo Airport was recently closed, now the closest major airport to Fajardo is Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport which is located around 50 km away from Fajardo with connections to major cities of USA, Canada and Europe. It takes around 1 hour to reach Fajardo from the airport by taxi.

Major travel agencies are found at city center and tourists can book a car in advance by phone or through online.

Culture, Food and Shopping in Fajardo:

The prominent festivals celebrated in Fajardo are:

  • Kite Festival (April)
  • Bomba & Plena Festival (May)
  • Paradise Fiesta (August)
  • Bicicletada Fajardeña (April)

Fajardo is home to both traditional and modern shops and the popular restaurants in Fajardo are:

  • La Estacion
  • Don Esteban Restaurant
  • El Varadero Seaside Grill
  • Tasca OleLelolai


Things to do in Fajardo:

  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving


Places of interest in Fajardo:


Puerto del Rey Marina:

Puerto del Rey Marina is the largest marina in the Caribbean bordered by prominent restaurants and traditional shops. It has a capacity of 1,100 boats.


U.S. Customs House:

U.S. Customs House is a historic structure, built in 1930.  Albert B. Nichols was the architect of the customhouse.


Seven Seas Beach:

Seven Seas Beach is one of the most popular beaches of Puerto Rico offering different water sport activities including snorkeling and diving.


Cape San Juan Lighthouse:

The Cape San Juan Lighthouse is a historical identity of Fajardo, constructed in 1880. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places list on October 22, 1981 by the US government.


Other places of interest near Fajardo are:

  • Bioluminescent Lagoon
  • Santiago Apostol Cathedral
  • El Conquistador Resort & Casino
  • Las Cabezas de San Juan Reserve
  • Old Fajardo Sugar Cane Refinery
  • Fajardo Port
  • Isleta Marina
  • Hipolito Robles Sports Complex
  • Las Croabas Recreational Park
  • Natural Reserve Las Croabas


Best time to visit Fajardo:

The months between April and July will be the best travelling time Fajardo while many grand cultural events are celebrated.


Accommodation options in Fajardo:

Fajardo is home to all the kinds of accommodation centres including inns, hotels, hostels, resorts, bed and breakfast and guest houses. Inns charge from $50 – $50 per night, bed & breakfast – $80-$150 per night and hostels are cheaper options, charging $23-$45 per night. Some major facilities available in luxury hotels are swimming pool, close circuit TV, safe deposit box, conference hall, different recreational activity, medical service, food on request, 24 hour room service and internet connectivity. The prominent hotels in Fajardo are listed below:

  • El Conquistador Resort
  • Las Casitas Village
  • The Fajardo Inn
  • Passion Fruit Bed & Breakfast
  • MoonLight Bay Hostel
  • El Hotelito at the Rainforest Experience Farm
  • The Ocean Club at Seven Seas
  • Las Croabas Inn Guesthouse
  • Pena Mar Ocean Club
  • Casa Gardenia

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