Tourist Places to Visit in Atsabe, East Timor, Asia

Tourist Places to Visit in Atsabe, East Timor, Asia

Atsabe is a town as well as the sub district located in Ermera District in East Timor. It is situated about 46 kms away from district main town Gleno and about 109 km southwest of national capital Dili. Marobo Hot springs is the popular tourist attraction of Atsabe.

The sub district of Atsabe in Ermera District is surrounded by Dili District in the northwest, Aileu District in the east, Ainaro District towards southeast, Bobonaro District on the west and Liquica District in the north.

The production of coffee seeds is the main livelihood of the natives of Atsabe. Ermera District is popularly called as the coffee land of East Timor. Mangoes, mangos teens, passion fruit and pineapple are the major tropical fruits grown by the farmers of Atsabe. Also the farmers have the big hand in producing beans.


Food, Culture and shopping of Atsabe:

The foods of Atsabe are slightly different compared to other regions of East Timor. The natives of Atsabe are the great lovers of spicy foods and non vegetarian dishes made of chicken, fish and pork. Basil, tamarind, legumes, corn, rice and root vegetables are the staple foods used by the locals of Atsabe.

Most of the people living in Atsabe are Christians, followed by Muslims and other communities. The local people have great interest in sports, music and dance. Good Friday, Christmas Day and Idul Fitri are the major festivals celebrated in Atsabe.

Atsabe Town houses few retail outlets presently, so tourists can purchase products at Arte Moris and Tais market, both located in Dili City.


How to reach Atsabe?

Ermera, Hatulia, Letefoho and Railaco are the surrounding towns of Atsabe. Atsabe is well connected with its adjoining regions by road mode of transport. There are ample number of buses regularly plying between Atsabe and its nearby towns. Taxi is the good option to move within the city. Comoro Airport is the closest Airport to Atsabe located at a distance of 87 kms. Also tourists can catch flights at Suai Airport.


Places to see near Atsabe:


Cristo Rei of Dili:

Cristo Rei of Dili is a beautifully designed statue located in Dili, located about 105 kms from Atsabe. It is 88 foot-high statue intended by Mochamad Syailillah. Cristo Rei of Dili is placed between 8°31′13″ S latitude and 125°36′30″ E longitude and is considered as one of the major tourist attractions in East Timor.



Tatamailau is also called as Mount Ramelau is the maximum peak in East Timor. It is located in Ainaro District, about 72 kms far from Atsabe. Tatamailau is situated between 8°54′24″south latitude and 125°29′36″ east longitude and is positioned at an altitude of 2,986 meters.


Cape Fatucama:

Cape Fatucama is a beautiful beach located in the vicinity of Jesus Statue in Dili. It attracts tourists from all over the country and its natural beauty gives pleasant feel to visitors.


Other tourist attractions near Atsabe include:

  • Pope John Paul II Statue
  • Atauro Island
  • Cool Hills
  • Mount Matebian
  • Pousada
  • Cakung Airport
  • Coconut Beach


Best time to visit Atsabe:

The months between August and February are the best time to visit Atsabe.


Accommodation Options near Atsabe:

Tourists can choose accommodation options ranging from budget hotels to star hotels at Atsabe. Prominent hotels located in and around Atsabe are:

  • Bugasa Matak Guest House
  • Vitoria Losmen
  • Timor Village Hotels
  • Hotel Rao
  • Vila Mata Ruak
  • Sands Motel
  • Sebastiao Hotel
  • Mimoza Garment
  • Elizabeth Dili 2000 Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • California Hotel-Dili
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel
  • Tansos Hotel
  • Hotel Pousada Maliana


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