Ermera Tourist Places to Visit in Ermera, East Timor, Asia

Ermera Tourist Places to Visit in Ermera, East Timor, Asia

Ermera is one of the major cities of East Timor located at a height of 1,195 meters above the mean level of sea. It is positioned about 196 km from Dili, the capital city of East Timor. Ermera is positioned between latitude 8°45′8″ in the south and longitude 125°23′49″ in the east. Ermera District is placed in the west-central part of East Timor and covers an area of 746 sq. km.

Gleno is the capital city of Ermera District and Ermera is considered as one of the landlocked districts in the country. Ermera District is surrounded by Dili District in the northwest, Aileu District in the east, Ainaro District towards southeast, Bobonaro District on the west and Liquica District in the north.

Railaco, Atsabe, Ermera, Hatulia and Letefoho are the major towns of Ermera District. Ermera is one of the developing cities in the country and home to several famous educational institutions and health centres. Hot springs Marobo is the prominent tourist destination of Ermera District.


Culture and Food of Ermera:

The religious festivals like Good Friday, Christmas Day and Idul Fitri are celebrated with great enthusiasm and splendor by the natives of Ermera. Christians are higher in majority in Ermera and few Muslim community people also reside in Ermera.

The food culture of Ermera is inherited by Indonesia and Portuguese. The natives of Ermera are very much interested in non vegetarian items. The special dishes of Ermera are Tapai, Feijoada, Batar daan, Bibinka and Budu.

In recent years, number of shops in Ermera is gradually increasing because of its tourist destinations. Ermera is visited by tourists from Australia, Indonesia and Thailand. Ermera is home to variety of handicraft centres and modern shops selling cloths and daily needs.


How to reach Ermera?

Ermera is well connected with its neighboring regions by road mode of transport. There are plenty of buses frequently plying between Ermera and its nearby towns. Taxi is the good option to travel within the city.

Suai Airport is the nearest airport to Ermera located at a distance of 128 kms. Also tourists can board flights at Atauro Airport, Comoro Airport and Atambua Airport. One can choose taxis to reach tourist destinations and airport as well.


Tourist attractions near Ermera:

Hot springs of Marobo:

Marobo is a pool located in Atsabe sub district of Ermera. It is situated about 84 kms from Ermera and is one of the prime attractions of Ermera District. This pool is very famous since colonial times and is still in good condition. Bathing in this pool with hot springs provides an amazing experience.


Cape Fatucama:

Cape Fatucama Beach is a prime tourist attraction located in Dili. It magnetizes tourists from all over the country and is placed in the vicinity of Jesus Statue.


Other tourist attractions present near Ermera include:

  • Pope John Paul II Statue
  • Atauro Island
  • Cool Hills
  • Mount Matebian
  • Pousada
  • Cakung Airport
  • Coconut Beach


Best time to visit Ermera:

From September to March is the best time to visit Atsabe, when the great time to enjoy the marvelous beauty of beach.


Accommodation Options near Ermera:

Hotels near Ermera have variety of modern amenities with top quality food. Tourists can select different accommodation options, ranging from budget hotels to star hotels. Prominent hotels located in and around Ermera are:

  • Sebastiao Hotel
  • Mimoza Garment
  • Elizabeth Dili 2000 Hotel
  • Central Hotel
  • California Hotel-Dili
  • Eastern Dragon Hotel
  • Tansos Hotel
  • Hotel Pousada Maliana
  • Bugasa Matak Guest House
  • Vitoria Losmen
  • Timor Village Hotels
  • Hotel Rao
  • Vila Mata Ruak
  • Sands Motel

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