Places to Visit in Berdyansk, Ukraine, Europe

Places to Visit in Berdyansk, Ukraine, Europe

Berdyansk is a port city belonging to the Zaporizhia Oblast in Ukraine. It is situated 10 meters above sea level, about 715 km southeast of Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Berdyansk is the seat of the Berdyansky district, well known for its health resort, treatment provided using mud baths and climatic conditions.


Geography of Berdyansk:

Lying on the northern coast of the Sea of Azov, Berdyansk is spread over an area of 82.65 sq. km and coordinates with 46°45′35″ N latitude and 36°47′04″ E longitude.


History of Berdyansk:

Berdyansk takes its name from the Berda River, which flows into the sea near the city. Before this name, Berdyansk was called by the different names like Kutur-Ogly, Berdy and Novo-Nogaisk. Berdyansk was founded in the year 1827 and gained the city status in 1835.


How to reach Berdyansk?

The Donetsk International Airport is the nearest major airport to Berdyansk operating scheduled flights from and to Moscow, Kiev Dubai, Munich, Sharjah, Surgut, Rome and seasonal flights to Baku, Thessaloniki, Antalya, Barcelona and is located about 200 km away from the midpoint of Berdyansk city.

Buses are frequent between Berdyansk and its neighboring cities. The city of Berdyansk also houses many tour agencies offering cars and bikes for both short and long distance. Advance booking is preferred.


Culture and Food in Berdyansk:

There are many entertainment options in Berdyansk with upgraded features and the city houses many theatres and museums depicting the culture, tradition and history of the region. The major museums in Berdyansk include:

  • Museum of the Great Patriotic War
  • Berdyansk History Museum
  • Schmidt’s Museum

The popular festivals celebrated in Berdyansk are listed below:

  • Brigantine Film Festival
  • Azov Summer Ukrainian Journalism Festival
  • Berdyansk Jazz Festival
  • Dark Blue Sea Comedy Festival

Prego is one of the reputed restaurants in Berdyansk city.


Things to do in Berdyansk:

  • Visiting spa
  • Beach exploration
  • Shopping


Places to see in Berdyansk:

Health resort of Berdyansk:

The health resort in Berdyansk is the major attraction of the city, receiving both tourists and patients throughout the year. This resort is specialized in mud baths and climatic treatments.


Safari Zoo in Berdyansk:

The Safari Zoo in Berdyansk is one of the biggest zoos in Ukraine housing a wide range of native and foreign animals. The zoo is situated within 1 km from the train station of Berdyansk.


Treasure Island Water Park:

Located in Kyrylivka, around 180 km from Berdyansk, the Treasure Island Water Park is the Ukraine’s largest water park and one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Including swimming, the water park offers different sport activities to make tourists happier.


List of other places of interest in and around Berdyansk includes:

  • Monument Bender and Balaganov
  • Hortitsa Island
  • Popov Castle
  • Zaporizhia Regional Museum
  • Kamyana Mohyla
  • Dniprostroy
  • Theatre for Young People
  • Khortytsia
  • National Museum of Zaporizhzhian Cossacks History
  • Magara Academic Drama Theatre
  • Zaporizhia Regional Art Museum
  • Gorky Zaporizhia Regional Public Library
  • Fountain of Life’ in Zaporizhia
  • Zaporizhian Sich Museum
  • Island Khortytsia


Best time to visit Berdyansk:

Due its pleasant weather, Berdyansk can be visited throughout the year.


Accommodation options in Berdyansk:

Berdyansk is a picturesque destination housing many majestic hotels providing memorable hospitality services for guests coming to the place from time to time. Some reputed and well-facilitated hotels in Berdyansk include:

  • Oreanda Resort Hotel
  • Nika Notel
  • Maxim
  • Berdyansk Hotel
  • Dune Hotel
  • SPA-Club Diodon
  • Arle Hotel
  • Griboff Hotel
  • Azov Hotel
  • Hotel Sun Resort
  • Jasmin Mini-Hotel
  • Konstantyn Hotel
  • Hotel Slavutich-Azov
  • Alice Hotel
  • Super Comfort Guest House
  • Comfort Guest House
  • Hotel Elit Uyut

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