Kundapur Tourist Places in Kundapur, Udupi, Karnataka, India

Kundapur Tourist Places in Kundapur, Udupi, Karnataka, India

Kundapur is located in the district of Udupi in the state of Karnataka on the Indian subcontinent. Kundapur spans over an area of 23.06 km2. The coordinates to Kundapur are 13.800 N and 74.70 E. Kundapur is 80 meters above sea level. Temperatures in summer season can reach up to 400 C and in winter season the temperature ranges from 200 C to 320 C.

The most preferred time to travel to Kundapur is from November to March.

History of Kundapur

In the pre-colonial times, the place was ruled by the Tulu Kings with Barkur their capital. The Cholas too ruled Kundapur and few places belonging to Udupi district in the 11th century. Plenty of temples were built during their rule. After the fall of the Cholas, the kings of Byndoor had Kundapur under their control. During their rule Kundapur flourished as one of the most important trade center. A port located at the shores of Kundapur formed the important part for trade. During the 16th century the place witnessed the arrival of European traders such as the Portuguese and Germans. Trade was further boosted with variety of goods exported to foreign countries. A fort built by the Portuguese still exists in Kundapur.

During the 18th century, Tipu Sultan conquered Udupi and Kundapur region. After the fall of Tipu Sultan, the British Raj gained control of Kundapur until the year 1947.

People & Culture of Kundapur

Tulu, Konkani, Kannada, Hindi and English are the languages spoken by the people in and around Kundapur, with Kannada being the local language.

Festivals such as Ratha Sapthami, Sri Krishna Janmasthami, Navarathri, Diwali, Ugadi etc., are celebrated in a grand way throughout Kundapur district.

Tourist Places around Kundapur

There are beaches and religious places with amazing landscapes of interest in and around Kundapur. Some of them are listed below:

  • Sri Kundeshwara Temple


The temple houses the idol of Lord Kundeshwara who is said to be a form of Lord Shiva. The temple is one of its kind in Kundapur.


  • Anegudde Sri Vinayaka Temple


A large number of devotees throng this temple every day. In early morning ‘Gana Homa’ is performed throughout the year.


  • Kodi Beach


One can view the beautiful sunset across the horizon at this beach. There are water sport activities such as water scooter ride, scuba diving etc.


  • Sri Mookambika Temple


According to legends Goddess Parvati appeared in the form of Mookambika Devi and slays a demon in this very place. Ever since Kollur temple has been visited by pilgrims from various places.

Apart from the above mentioned places of interest, there are other tourist destinations whose names are mentioned below

  • Pete Venkateshwara Temple
  • Basrur
  • Uppinakudru
  • Padukone
  • Shankaranarayana
  • Trasi beach
  • Kirimanjeshwara
  • Mekekattu Nandhikeshwara Temple
  • Guddattu Sri Vinayaka Temple
  • Holy Rosary Church
  • Mahalasa Narayani Temple
  • Ottinere
  • Siddi Vinayak Temple

Means of Commutation to Kundapur

The distance of Kundapur by road from cities within Karnataka and other cities in neighboring states are mentioned below

  • Mangalore is located at a distance of 92 km
  • Mysore is located at a distance of 344 km
  • Udupi is located at a distance of 38 km
  • Shimoga is located at a distance of 148 km
  • Karwar is located at a distance of 180 km
  • Bangalore is located at a distance of 432 km
  • Trivandrum is located at a distance of 751 km
  • Goa is located at a distance of 264 km

There are plenty of buses both, Private and Government run, available from neighboring states to reach Kundapur.

One can hire an auto rickshaw or travel through city buses within city limits.

Kundapur railway station is located within the vicinity of the Kundapur town. Trains from Mangalore, Mumbai and Goa pass through this station.

There is no airport in Kundapur and the closest airport is the Mangalore airport which is located at a distance of 90 km. Flights from Dubai and other places in India are seen arriving and departing from this on a daily basis.

Accommodation Options at Kundapur

To provide accommodations to tourist visiting Kundapur, various three star and four star hotels offer outstanding facilities with luxury and deluxe rooms for rent on a daily basis at a starting price of Rs. 3000/-. There are also hotels offering rooms at a minimal charge of Rs. 500/- per day. Names of some hotels in Kundapur are mentioned below

  • Soans Island Resorts
  • Turtle Bay Beach Resort
  • Hotel Sharon
  • J K Tower Hotel
  • Sun Castle
  • Blue Waters
  • Shivaprasad Hotel
  • Simon Comfort
  • Shashidhar Boarding & Lodging Hotel
  • Wild Woods Spa
  • Pravasi Hotel
  • Vrindavan Hotel
  • Vasantha Mahal Hotel
  • Hotel Pentagon
  • Paradise Isle Beach Resort

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