Heritage Destinations of Karnataka – Kittur

Kittur Heritage Destinations of Karnataka 

If you really are looking forward to have a historical tour in India, Karnataka is the place for you. Though it is one of the most advanced IT sector hubs in the world, it is also one place that is famous for its connection with the deep roots of the Indian history and culture. This coastal southwestern state of India, with its fuzzy warm tropical climate and awesome scenic beauty, is a great tourist destination and no doubt, a must place to go when you want to explore the south India. When you are going to Karnataka, what is one thing that you DON’T want to miss? You cannot miss Kittur, one of the most historical places in the state of Karnataka. Kittur is rather a small town, interesting and famous for its old monuments, palaces and statues. You must have heard about Queen Chennamma? She was that woman of Kittur who posed a massive resistance to the British.

During the raj of British India, it passed under the Bombay Presidency. It contains the ruined Kittur fort, which was the residence of the chief. During some dispute about succession on who will be the next chief in the year 1824, the St. John Thackeray, the Dharwad commissioner, was killed in the battle. And thus the queen Chennamma was seized and jailed in the BailHongal Jail. She expired away in the jail itself. From then, Chennamma was considered to be a legend.

One of the most notable tourist attractions of this place is Kittur Chennamma Fort. Kittur is famous for the Kittur Chennamma Fort. It is an evidence of the great freedom struggle of India. It is situated around 50 kilometers from Belgaum and around 32 kilometers from Dharwad. Not only is it important to the Indian archaeological society but also acts as a sign of women’s pride and bravery. During the revolt of 1857, queen Chennamma led the march against the British, after the launch of ‘Doctrine of Lapse’. It is a great chapter of the Indian history, and though Kittur is a small, unsung town, it still holds an important place in the Indian freedom struggle. Moreover, not only does it mark its place in the Indian freedom history, but also it is a great example of the architectural value and excellence.

Indian government has been taking some protection of the precious monuments and statues, and has been preserving the Indian heritage earnestly. Kittur and Kittur Chennamma Fort is not only a place of pride for the domestic tourists but also a piece of precious historical and cultural heritage for the international tourists. If you are visiting the Karnataka, you have to visit Kittur. And when you visit Kittur, you have to visit one of the best heritage destinations in Karnataka, which is Kittur Chennamma Fort.

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