Heritage Destinations in Karnataka – Srirangapatna

Srirangapatna Heritage Destinations in Karnataka

Well, if you are a tourist who has done some research on India before he comes here, you will already know that one of favorite places for history buffs is the state of Karnataka. Though you have a city like Bangalore that is considered to be a main Information Technology hub, Karnataka stills holds its place as one of the best heritage destinations in India. Bringing out the complete flavor of the true traditional India in all its colors, Karnataka mesmerizes not only the international tourists but also the domestic tourists.

And when it comes to the best heritage destinations in Karnataka, how can we ever forget the name of Srirangapatna? Originally spelt as Srirangapatnam, this place is a mark to the great era of Tipu Sultan and Hyder Ali. Located in the Mandya district on the Mysore Highway coming from Bangalore, this is a must see place of Karnataka. The beauty of the town is that it is enwrapped within the river Cauvery and that separates it from the other places. It is a place of great historical, cultural and religious importance. If you are new to the state of Karnataka and want to taste the flavor of old and young India, you have to visit here, after Bangalore.

What you find in Srirangapatna is a question now. It sure sounds to be a small town, but it bears the bravado and glory of the great Hyder Ali and his legendary son, Tipu Sultan, who fought single-handed with the British with his legendary sword. Even the place where he fell dead is delineated with an obelisk. Within the main fort, you will be able to find the museum and the famous Sri Ranganathaswamy temple.

This is one of the oldest and most important Vaishnavi temples in the whole of the southern India. It was initiated by the rulers of the Ganga dynasty during the ninth century. It was renovated by the rulers of Vijayanagar and Hoysala dynasties. This temple is dedicated to the Lord Vishnu (Ranganatha). You will find these at the three pilgrimages, viz. Antya Ranga, Madhya Ranga and Adi Ranga. Even the western flowing section of the river Cauvery is considered to be sacred waters and pulls tourists from far and wide.

Haven’t you heard of the Masjid-E-Ala or the Jamia Masjid? This is the first monument that Tipu Sultan built. With around ninety-nine names of Allah carved on the wall of the monument, this is built in the middle of the 18th century. The spacious domes coupled with the minarets are what add to the mystical charm of the monument.

Amidst the famous Lal Bagh garden, you will come across the Gumbaz. Standing on a high plinth, this is the mausoleum of Tipu Sultan and his parents, Hyder Ali and Fatima Begum. You will love to watch the scenic beauty around from the verandah, surrounded by polished pillars. The typical dome shape, ivory inlaid windows and doors, carved stoned windows, and the favorite tiger stripes makes this monument a must watch for every tourist visiting Srirangapatna.

Would you like to see the prison that led to fear of the British? This is where Colonel Baird, Captain Rulay, Colonel Braithwaite, Lindsay, Samson and Frazer were imprisoned. Even the cannon ball that fell from the ceiling during a war is being kept with utmost care.

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