Tourist Places Attractions in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

Tourist Places Attractions in Erode, Tamil Nadu, India

Erode city is located in the Erode district in the Tamil Nadu state in the Indian subcontinent. Erode city forms the centre of operation of Erode district. It is at a distance of 400 km from the capital of Tamil Nadu, Chennai. The river Kaveri flows through Erode. Erode spans over an area of 5692 km2. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 11021’ N and 77044’ E. Erode is 183 meters above sea level. In the summer season the temperature varies from 23 0C to 34 0C and in winter season the temperature variesfrom 13 0C to 24 0C.

The preferred period to visit Erode is from the month of November to March.

History of Erode

As per historians, in the year 850 A.D, Erode was ruled by the Cara King. From 1000 A.D the place was ruled by the Cholas. Under their reign Dharapuram formed the center of operation of their kingdom. At the end of 1276 A.D the Sultans conquered Dharapuram and established their rule. They were defeated by the Nayaks. Their rule didn’t last long. Hyder Ali conquered the entire Madurai region and brought Erode and Dharapuram under the Mysore rule. Erode flourished during Tipu Sultans reign.

In 1799 the British defeated Tipu Sultan and Mysore fell to the British Raj. Along with Mysore, the British had most parts of Tamil Nadu under their control. Under the British Raj the place Erode prospered and thrived with various industrial establishments.

In 1947, after the Indian Independence, Erode was declared as district in the Tamil Nadu state.

Food and Shopping in Erode

Food consisting of vegetable and meat are served to customers at various hotels in Erode. Rice forms the staple food in this region.

There are plenty of shops in the streets of Erode town. Erode town also has shopping malls. The names of the shopping malls are listed below

  • Lotus Shopping Mall
  • Marimuthu Alankar Shopping Centre

Tourist Places in Erode

There are religious places with magnificent architectures in and around Erode. Some of these temples and other places of interest are mentioned below

  • Government Museum


This museum was opened in the year 1987, and exhibits various artifacts used in the medieval times.


  • Thindal Murugan Temple

This a famous temple in Erode district and the temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan


  • Vellode Bird Sanctuary


Spanning over an area of 77.185 hectares, the sanctuary displays a spectacular range of migratory birds appearing every season.


  • CSI Borough Church


This church got its name from an individual named ‘Borough’ who did social work and also changed the look of the town.


  • Sankagiri Fort


This fort is one of its kind in Erode with a total of 14 paths created in a circular manner.


Besides the above mentioned sightseeing places there are few more interesting sites and the names of such sites are mentioned below.

  • Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple
  • Kasthuri Aranganaathar Temple
  • Periya Marriamman Temple
  • Mohamoodia Masjid
  • Mahimaliswarar Temple
  • Saint Mary’s Church
  • Jain Temples
  • Natadreeswarar Temple
  • Sangameswarar Temple

Means of Commutation to Erode

Erode is well connected to various places in the country via roadways, railways and airways.
The distance of Erode, via road, from cities in the state of Tamil Nadu and neighboring states are given below

  • Coimbatore is located at a distance of 100 km
  • Bangalore is located at a distance of 241 km
  • Kochi is located at a distance of 286 km
  • Chennai is located at a distance of 405 km
  • Trivandrum is located at a distance of 502 km

Inter city transportation is facilitated by bus, auto rickshaw and taxis. There are inland ferry services on the river Kaveri.

Trains from all over the country do stop at Erode Junction which is the only railway station in the town.

Erode is well connected to the rest of the world via airways. Coimbatore International Airport is the closest airport to Erode and is located at a distance of 91 km from Erode. Flights from rest of the places in India and abroad are seen arriving at this airport on a daily basis.

Accommodation Options at Erode

There are hotels in Erode providing outstanding services to tourists visiting Erode. There are three star and four star hotels with luxury and deluxe rooms which are priced at Rs. 2500/- onwards per day. There are also hotels renting rooms for Rs. 350/- per day.

  • Iswariyaa Hotel
  • Hotel Le Jardin
  • Hotel Grand International
  • Hotel Meridien
  • West Inn Hotel
  • Hotel Sivaranjani
  • Hotel J Marriot
  • Hotel Chennis
  • Hotel Oasis Grand
  • Hotel Golden Tower
  • Hotel Manis Lodge
  • Hotel Aaryaas
  • Iswariyaa Hotel
  • Hotel & Club Melange
  • Hotel Royal Park

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