Best Places to Visit in Gadiara, Howrah, West Bengal, India

Best Places to Visit in Gadiara, Howrah, West Bengal, India

Gadiara is located in the Indian continent of West Bengal state in the district of Howrah. The geographical coordinates puts the place at 22.220N and 88.050E. In summer season temperature touches to 40 0C and in winter season temperature can drop to 33 0C. The month from November to March is the best time where one can pay a visit to Gadiara.

History of Gadiara

During the British Raj, a fort was built in Gadiara to protect commercial ship from being robbed by pirates. But in 1942, there was a cyclone which damaged the fort. The remains of the dilapidated fort still exists in Gadiara. Gadiara is situated besides the river Rupnarayan.

People & Culture of Gadiara

People residing in Gadiara are known as Bengali’s and some of them are  followers of Christianity or Muslim or Hinduism religion. Bengali, Hindi, English are well spoken among the people in Gadiara, with Bengali being the local language.

Various festivals are celebrated with great prompt with Holi and Navratri being the two main festivals.

Food and Shopping at Gadiara

Rice, vegetables and seafood form the main diet of the people of Gadiara. A normal breakfast could consist of milk and rice flakes eaten with fluffy pancakes made of wheat and boiled mashed potatoes.

There are shopping centers and malls in Howrah district. Some of the names are mentioned below

  • E Mall
  • Mani Square Shopping Mall
  • Metro Plaza
  • Merlin Homeland Mall
  • Forum Mall
  • Ozone Mall
  • City Centre Mall

Tourist Places in Gadiara

There are a few religious sites and places with amazing natural landscapes of interest in and around Gadiara. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Garchumuk


One can enjoy a peaceful evening on the banks of river Garchumuk along with the chirping voice of various birds resting on nearby trees.


  • Ganga Temple


This temple is located very close to the river Garchumuk and has beautiful monuments.


  • Boat Ride to Tribeni


One can have a pleasant experience of a boat ride along the river Tribeni.


  • 18th century Fort


Built during the British era, this fort has overcome natural calamities with time. It once housed the army of the British colony.

Some other tourist attractions exist in Gadiara, and the names of these places are mentioned below

  • Lighthouse
  • Geonkhali by boat
  • Sunset on the river

Means of Commutation to Gadiara

Gadiara is well connected to rest of the places within India by Roadway, Railway and Airways.

Buses, Taxis and rickshaw are the modes of transport within the city limits.

The distance of Gadiara from various cities, via road, in the state of Bengal and the cities from neighboring are given below

  • Kolkata is located at a distance of 74 km
  • Kanpur is located at a distance of 1022 km
  • Lucknow is located at a distance of 1028 km
  • Nagpur is located at a distance of 1147 km
  • Delhi is located at a distance of 1457 km

There is also Ferry boat from Uluberia-Shyampur that will cross the river Rupnarayan.

There are plenty of trains from Howrah to Gadiara. From Howrah one can take the suburban train to Bagnan. Trains from different parts of the country halt at Howrah Junction

Gadiara is also connected to the rest of the world via airways. The distance of the airports along with the distance from Gadiara is provided below

  • Kolkata Airport located at a distance of 50km
  • Ranchi Airport, Jharkand is located at a distance of 303 km
  • Bhubaneswar Airport, Orissa is located at a distance of 319 km

Accommodation Options at Gadiara

One can obtain world class services at various hotels in Gadiara. There are three star hotels offering facilities such as free Wi-Fi, Jacuzzi tubs, spas, etc. at a reasonable rate starting from Rs. 3000/- onwards. There are also hotels where one could enjoy their stay at Gadiara at a price of Rs. 450/-.

  • West Bengal Tourist Lodge
  • New Chalantika
  • Hotel Cosy
  • Hotel Meghdoot
  • Saket Hotel
  • Manish Hotel Howrah
  • Natraj Hotel Howrah
  • Ashoka Hotel Howrah
  • The Howrah Hotel
  • Sampath Rail Yatri Niwas
  • Shivam Hotel
  • Rupnarayan Tourist Lodge
  • Nirala Hotel
  • Piyush Hotel
  • Highway Inn International

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