Best Places to Visit in Haldia, West Bengal, India

Best Places to Visit in Haldia, West Bengal, India

Haldia is a city municipality of Purba Medinipur of West Bengal State located about 50 Kms southwest of Calcutta / Kolkata. It is an industrial belt and has become a major river port. It is referred to as one of the fine tourists spot of India and it is known for making one to feel both spirituality and mysticism of Mother Nature. It’s one in a life time experience for tourists to feel the cool breeze alongside of the coastline and the color changing ripples of the river according to the sunlight. In addition, Haldia is a beautiful tourist spot for wonderful sunrise and sunset.

Haldia is also a industrial tourist spot as it contains good number of famed industries like Indian Oil Corporation(IOC) and Haldia Petrochemicals. It is also a town for few technological institutes.


Geography and Climate of Haldia

Haldia is located at 22.03° N 88.06° E, 8 meters elevation from the mean level of sea.

The climate is moderate with temperature ranging from 7 degree Celsius to 22 degree Celsius. Summer is very hot usually with temperature ranging from 24 degree Celsius to that of 39 degree Celsius and the winter is very chilly and ‘Haldia Utsav’ is held during winter. Rainfall is influenced by monsoons and occurs from May to September.


People, Food and Culture of Haldia

The people of the Haldia follow mixed food culture that includes both north as well as south Indian food. While the natives follow the Bengali food, the migrants for employment purpose consume other food styles like south Indian.


Major Tourist Attractions in and around Haldia

  • Haldia Port

The best port to be visited by tourist as it gives them the opportunity to view arrival and departures of ships and understand how the trade happens via sea route.

  • Kukrahati

It is located alongside of the famous river ‘Hoogly’ and is the entrance for the Haldia city.

  • Haldia Dock

Just like Haldia Port,  this dock provides the tourists a very good chance to see and make out activities related to ship loading and unloading.

  • Smriti Soudha

As the name itself indicates, it is the building with collection of various things related to freedom struggle like paintings, photographs and so on.

  • Balughat River Sunset Point

One of the best tourist spots for enjoying the sunrise and sunset alongside of one of the very calm beach.

  • Haldia Bhavan

Developed and maintained by the Haldia Development Authority(HAD), this building provides the tourists one of the best luxurious guest houses in Haldia. Spreading over 5 acres, it provides sights of the ships from its terrace.

Reaching Haldia

Haldia has very good transportation and connectivity with its surrounding parts. From Kolkata is connected by both Bus and Train and it takes about 3.5 Hrs to reach Haldia from Kolkata both by buses and trains. Local transportation including cars, bikes and jeeps form the major transportation facilities.

The main routes of journey to reach Haldia are mentioned below.

  1. As Haldia doesn’t has its own airport, you need to travel Kolkata first by Air and then reach Haldia either by bus or train.
  2. Kolkata-Amtala-Royachak-Kukrahati-Haldia (Bus Route)
  3. Howrah-Mecheda-Haldia ( By Train)
  4. Howrah-Haldia (By Train)

Best time to visit Haldia

Haldia is blessed with moderate climate and is good for tourism for all around the year, but one will enjoy his/her visit during the time of Spring as it is the best time to visit Haldia.

Tourist Accommodations in Haldia

Being a coastal and industrial town in addition to tourist place, Haldia has very good facilities for accommodating tourists. The following are some of the few best accommodations for tourists in Haldia.

  • Golden Retreat
  • Classic Inn Hotel
  • Dreamland Hotel
  • East Coast Hotel
  • Royal Harbor Hotel
  • Tripty Hotel
  • Millennium Inn Hotel
  • Haldia Regency Hotel
  • Landmark Plaza Hotel
  • Asoxa Lodge

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