Best Places to Visit in Junput, East Medinipur, West Bengal, India

Best Places to Visit in Junput, East Medinipur, West Bengal, India

Contai subdivision in East Medinipur district in the Indian State of West Bengal. It is located about 150 km southwest of state capital city Kolkata and about 10 km from Contai Town.

Junput is located between 21°43’39” N latitude and 87°49’5″ E longitude and is positioned 5 meters above from the ground level of sea. The Postal Code of Junput is 721450.

Junput is widely famous for its beautiful beach and attracts tourists from all over the state. Junput has the museum of the Fishery Department with a greater collection of skeletons of special snakes, rare species of fishes and different wild animals. Kapalkundala Temple and The Lighthouse are other major tourist attractions of Junput. Junput is well known for cashew nut industries and fishing other than tourism.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Junput:

Junput is surrounded by several cultural centres located in Contai namely Contai Harisabha and Contai Bramho Samaj. Gandhi Mela is the famous festival in Contai celebrated during every January with agricultural and industrial exhibitions. Also locals of Junput celebrate famous Bengali festivals like Durga Puja, Saraswati Puja and Kali Puja with great enthusiasm.

Bengali Cuisine of West Bengal is highly preferred by the Junput natives and Dalna, Ghonto, Jhal, Kalia, Korma, Pora, and Shukto are the popular dishes of Junput. Other than Bengali Food Centres, there are numerous North Indian, South Indian and Chinese Restaurants also serving the best taste.

Shopping near Junput is a unique pleasure as the charming and romantic ambiance adds that extra zing to the shopping expedition. One can purchase Bengali Handicrafts like carpets, woolen shawls and rug items in Junput.


Connectivity to Junput:

Junput is located 9 km away from nearest town Contai. Tourists can reach Junput from Kolkata City or by crossing the Vidyasagar Sethu. Due to the tourist places of Junput, there are numerous private organizations providing bus services between Junput and other main towns of the state.

Contai Bus Terminal is the nearest major bus terminal to Junput situated at a distance of 9 km and one can board the trains of the main cities of the state at Kanthi (Contai) PH Railway Station located 10 km away from Junput. The distance between Junput and Kolkata Airport is about 156 kms.


Tourist places in and around Junput:

Junput Beach:

Junput Beach is a lonely beach as well as the prominent tourist destination magnetizes tourists for its fabulous natural environment.


Forest Department Museum:

Forest Department Museum is another attraction of the Junput and it has wide anthology of skeletons of birds, wild animals, mammals, reptiles and fishes.


Kapalkundala Temple:

Kapalkundala Temple is the major worship place for surrounding regions of Junput and also there is daily pooja done in this holy place.



Chandrakona is a town situated in Midnapore between Garhbeta and Ghatal. It is well known for its Ramgard and Lalgard Fort and these were constructed by Chauhan Kings. Both the Ramgard and Lalgard fort are famous for different statues of great persons. Ramgard has the statute of Lord Raghunath Ji and Lalgard fort includes the idol of Lord Giridhar Ji.

Baroduari Palace, Maleswar Mahadeb Temple, Khirpai Temple, Sobha Singha’s Fort and Lal Ji Temple are other prominent tourist places of Chandrakona.



Jhargram is a town located in the vicinity of Midnapore and is widely popular for the presence of Jhargram Raj Palace, now has been converted into a heritage hotel. Radha Krishna Temple is the main attraction of Jhargram Raj Palace.

Jhargram is tourists paradise houses several top tourist attractions namely Kanaka Durga Temple, Chilkigarh Raj Palace, Deer Park, Jungle Mahal and Sabitri Temple.


Other Places to see near Junput include:

  • Dantan Lake
  • Pathra
  • Jonathan Temple
  • Karnagarh
  • Bahiri


Ideal time to visit Junput:

Great time to reach Junput is between October to March because of its pleasant weather.


Accommodation options near Junput:

Hotels situated in and around Junput provide healthy hospitality services with different amenities like vehicle parking, doctor on call and hot water bath. Major hotels located in Junput, Contai (9 km) and Midnapore (110 km) are as follows:

  • Junput Resort
  • Sea Coast Hotel
  • M P S Green Fort Resort
  • Debloke Hotel
  • Hotel Rose Valley
  • Oasis Lodge
  • Nishantika Lodge
  • Reshma Lodge
  • Sananda Hotel
  • Tiloktama Hotel
  • Nachinda Hotel
  • Tajpur Hotels And Resorts

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