Greenville Tourist Places to Visit in Greenville, Sinoe, Africa

Greenville Tourist Places to Visit in Greenville, Sinoe, Africa

Greenville is a city and the seat of Sinoe County in the southeastern part of the African country, Liberia. It is situated on a lagoon, where the Sinoe River drains into Atlantic Ocean and around 250 km southeast of the national capital, Monrovia. Greenville is home to Liberia’s 3rd largest port with two quays (70 meters and 180 meters). Greenville is also famous as the major gateways to a renowned natural tourist destination Sapo National Park. Greenville geographically coordinates with 5°01′ N latitude and 9°02′ W longitude.


History of Greenville:

The history of Greenville dates back to 1838 when it was founded by the colonists of the Mississippi Colonization Society. When it was part of the Mississippi-in-Africa colony, Greenville was named in the honor of Judge James Green. Greenville was one of the major cities of Liberia devastated during the Liberian Civil War but since then Greenville has been gradually recovering its earlier glory.


How to reach Greenville?

There is an airport in Greenville but probably no flights are serving airport currently. The nearest major airport to Greenville is Roberts International Airport, Liberia’s primary airport. The airport is located at a distance of 210 km from Greenville with scheduled flight services from New York, London, Casablanca, Brussels and Nairobi. This distance can be crossed by bus or rental car. Greenville is also gettable by boat from Monrovia and Harper over the Atlantic Ocean.


Food and Shopping in Greenville:

As it lies on the sea-line, visitors can expect mouthwatering seafood in Greenville’s traditional food corners. Products like handicrafts, bangles and hats are also popular in Greenville.


Things to do in Greenville:

  • Beach exploration
  • Visiting port
  • Walking


Places of interest in Greenville:


Beaches of Greenville:

As its location at the merging point of the Sinoe River into the Atlantic Ocean, Greenville is adorned by many water spots, especially enthralling beaches, which have made Greenville popular among those who are fond of nature and water sports


Sapo National Park:

The Sapo National Park is one of the important tourist destinations of Liberia, located around 80 km northeast of Greenville. Established in 1983, this lust vegetated park preserves a substantial number of large African animals, mainly hippos and elephants. The park is also rich in bird life, including typical species of sunbirds, kingfishers and rollers. As human settlement is prohibited within the park, so visitors have to find accommodation in Greenville or any other nearby city.


Greenville Port:

Being the 3rd largest port of Liberia, the Greenville Port is one of the identities of Greenville. The port features two quays that measure length of 70 meters and 180 meters respectively. It is also famous as a sightseeing and relaxation point.


List of other places of interest in and around Greenville include:

  • Beaches of Monrovia
  • The Kendeja Cultural Center
  • Providence Island
  • Liberia’s Centennial Pavilion
  • Sky Bar Entertainment Center
  • Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls
  • Gertylue Floral Park
  • Monkey Island
  • Liberian National Museum
  • Ce Ce Beach
  • Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
  • Samuel Kanyon Doe Sports Complex


When to visit Greenville?

The best time to visit Greenville depends on tourists’ interest, particularly during the dry months between December and March is ideal to enjoy outdoor activities in Greenville.


Hotels in Greenville:

Like most Liberian cities, Greenville also lacks modernized hotels, which has forced visitors to drive towards the country’s capital Monrovia to have healthy hospitality services in top end hotels. Some nice hotels in Monrovia (around 250 km from Greenville) are as follows:

  • Krystal Oceanview Hotel
  • Tilda Guest House
  • El Meson Hotel
  • Liberia Golden Gate Hotel
  • Palm Spring Resort
  • RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas
  • Atlantis Beach Hotel
  • Hotel Provident
  • Mokos Bed and Breakfast
  • GMJ Hotel
  • Golden Key Hotel
  • Royal Grand Hotel
  • Mamba Point Hotel
  • The Cape Hotel
  • Bella Casa Hotel & Suites

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