Liberia Tourist Places to Visit in Liberia, Western Africa, Africa

Liberia Tourist Places to Visit in Liberia, Western Africa, Africa

Liberia is a Western African country, housing over 4 million people in the area of 111,369 square kilometers. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean at 6.3167° N 10.8000° W, sharing its land borders with Ivory Coast to the east, Guinea towards the north and Sierra Leone to the west. The Government of Liberia follows the unitary presidential and constitutional republic system, in which president is the head of the country. As like most African countries, Liberia also has an environmental based tourism, mainly spectacular beaches on the Atlantic Ocean coastline.

Monrovia is the capital and largest city of Liberia and the other important cities of Liberia are:

  • Gbarnga
  • Kakata
  • Bensonville
  • Harper
  • Voinjama


History of Liberia:

What is today’s country Liberia originated as a colony in 1820 for freed African Americans, who later identified themselves as Americo-Liberians. The colony developed as a new country with the support of the American Colonization Society and became the Republic of Liberia in 1847. The current constitution of Liberia came into existence on 6 January 1986.


Getting Liberia:

The Roberts International Airport is the gateway to Liberia, situated near Harbel town, around 55 km away from the country’s capital, Monrovia. The airport covers many global destinations like London, Freetown, New York, Casablanca, and Nairobi.

Liberia has no railway service, while intercity bus service covers many major Liberian cities. Taxis are popular for both short and long distance travels in Liberia. Advance booking of cars and bikes is available in all the prominent cities of the country.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Liberia:

Liberia is predominantly Christian country with around 85% Christian population, while English is the official language of Liberia. Rice is the major staple food used in Liberian dishes and fufu is a dish popular among both locals and visitors in Liberia. Printed fabric and masks are purchasable items in Liberia.


Must see in Liberia:


Liberian National Museum:

Situated in the national capital Monrovia, the Liberian National Museum is centered on showcasing the culture, tradition and history of Liberia with well preserved artifacts and artworks in three different galleries, historic, ethnographic and cultural gallery. There is also a craft shop.


Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve:

The Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, shared between Guinea and Liberia. The reserve features a mountain Mount Nimba, where around 200 endemic species are found, including big cats, civets and Chimpanzees. Yekepa is the nearest settlement to Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve in Liberia.


Sapo National Park:

The Sapo National Park is the only national park of Libria, covering an area of around 1,804 sq. km. Established in 1983, the park is located in Sinoe County, where Greenville is the closest city to Sapo National Park. Including African fish eagle, great blue turaco and African civet, the park houses a substantial number of wildlife.


Lake Piso:

The Lake Piso is Liberia’s largest lake with a surface area of 103 km². Coming under Grand Cape Mount County, the Lake Piso is famous among tourists as a great water sport destination, with the opportunities of swimming, canoeing and water skiing.


List of other places of interest in Liberia include:

  • Liberia’s Centennial Pavilion
  • Firestone Rubber Plantation
  • Ce Ce Beach
  • Sky Bar Entertainment Center
  • Providence Island



Best time to visit Liberia:

The climate of Liberia is classified as hot and equatorial, with the greater percentage of rainfall between May and October. The ideal time to visit Liberia is from December to January.


Accommodation in Liberia:

Liberia owns a relatively upgraded hospitality industry and its most hotels are located in the capital city Monrovia with latest tourist favor facilities like spa, sauna, fitness centre, AC, internet and doctor on call service. The prominent hotels in Liberia (Monrovia) include:

  • Royal Grand Hotel
  • Mamba Point Hotel
  • The Cape Hotel
  • Palm Spring Resort
  • RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas
  • Atlantis Beach Hotel
  • Bella Casa Hotel & Suites
  • El Meson Hotel
  • Liberia Golden Gate Hotel
  • GMJ Hotel
  • Golden Key Hotel
  • Hotel Provident
  • Mokos Bed and Breakfast
  • Krystal Oceanview Hotel
  • Tilda Guest House

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