Places to Visit in Yekepa, Nimba, Liberia, North Africa, Africa

Places to Visit in Yekepa, Nimba, Liberia, North Africa, Africa

Yekepa is a town located in the Nimba County in Northern Liberia, around 35 km from the county capital Sanniquellie and 330 km from the national capital, Monrovia. Yekepa is famous as the major gateway to a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Liberia’s one of the prominent tourist destinations, the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve. Yekepa is geographically positioned between 7°35′ N latitude and 8°32′ W longitude.

Yekepa was once the site of an iron ore mining operation of Lamco but it was heavily devastated during the First Liberian Civil War. Guesthouse Hill, in the vicinity of Yekepa, measures amongst highest elevation in Liberia. The African Bible College University is located in Yekepa.


Connectivity to Yekepa:

Yekepa is catered by Nimba Airport with occasional flights. As flights are not guaranteed, international tourists are suggested to board flights to Roberts International Airport first, where buses are generally available to the national capital Monrovia. From central bus stand of Monrovia, buses regularly depart to Yekepa during peak season and the number of buses may decline during low season.

There are many tour operators in Yekepa and in nearby Sanniquellie, conducting tour to the Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve and also offering rental cars and bikes for local travel.


Food and Shopping in Yekepa:

Yekepa’s itself houses many nice traditional food corners and shops and for more options, the nearby city Sanniquellie is a great option.


Things to do in Yekepa:

  • Visiting nearby nature reserve
  • Walking
  • Bike riding



Tourist Attractions in Yekepa:


Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve:

The Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve is the reason most tourists coming to Yekepa. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, covering areas of Guinea, Liberia and Côte d’Ivoire. Dominated by the Mount Nimba, the reserve is home to many typical African animals, including Chimpanzees, duikers, big cats and civets. Yekepa is situated in the proximity of the reserve and can be reached by foot or rental vehicle.


African Bible College University:

The African Bible College University is one of the identities of Yekepa, offering several latest courses and also organizing concerts showcasing the importance of local culture, history and biodiversity.



Sanniquellie is a tourist favor city, located around 35 km from Yekepa. The city is packed with plenty of shops and restaurants and also houses a club named Sanniquellie – Club Universe and an artificial lake in the city centre, Lake Teleh.


List of other places of interest near Yekepa include:

  • Sanniquellie – Club Universe
  • Lake Teleh
  • Public Market of Sanniquellie
  • Beaches of Monrovia
  • Monkey Island
  • Liberian National Museum
  • Ce Ce Beach
  • Mount Nimba Strict Nature Reserve
  • The Kendeja Cultural Center
  • Providence Island
  • Liberia’s Centennial Pavilion
  • Sky Bar Entertainment Center
  • Kpa-Tawe Waterfalls
  • Gertylue Floral Park


When to visit Yekepa?

Yekepa is a year round destination, though the real experience of Yekepa’s tour can be enjoyed during the months between December and March when the weather remains dry and well supports for outdoor activities.


Hotels in Yekepa:

Yekepa is home to few tourist favor hotels, so it would be better if one reach the nearby city Sanniquellie, where all sorts of hotels can be found. The below list includes hotels in Sanniquellie (around 35 km from Yekepa) and Monrovia (330 km from Yekepa):

  • Red Cross Guest House in Sanniquellie
  • ARS Guest House in Sanniquellie
  • Post Motel in Sanniquellie
  • Jackie Guest House in Sanniquellie
  • Thomas Motel in Sanniquellie
  • Royal Grand Hotel in Monrovia
  • Mamba Point Hotel in Monrovia
  • The Cape Hotel in Monrovia
  • Liberia Golden Gate Hotel in Monrovia
  • GMJ Hotel in Monrovia
  • Golden Key Hotel in Monrovia
  • Palm Spring Resort in Monrovia
  • RLJ Kendeja Resort & Villas in Monrovia
  • Atlantis Beach Hotel in Monrovia
  • Bella Casa Hotel & Suites in Monrovia
  • El Meson Hotel in Monrovia

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