Dandeli Wildlife sanctuar, Karnataka, India

Dandeli Wildlife sanctuar, Karnataka, India


Indian Wildlife is boundless and shelters variety of species. You must remember that a part of it is becoming extinct due to lack of preservation. A main reason for this is the increase in the number of poachers of wildlife and lack of natural resources. Indian government is prepared with some perspectives against this and working under preserving wildlife. Under this perspective one such initiative is the largest sanctuary Of Karnataka called Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka.

Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Situated in Uttar Karnataka and is about 487 kms far from Bangalore. This sanctuary is known for its tranquil beauty and holds different landscapes at different point. Small streams found in between the lush green land makes it ideal for the wildlife. On the other hand it serves as a beautiful holiday spot with your family and friends. A different experience of watching your favorite animals closes by almost beside you.

Main Attractions of Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary

Dandeli wildlife sanctuary shelters vast range of flora and fauna. Don’t miss the safari tours that are organized by the Park authorities to watch the animals close by. You can find wild animals like the tigers, elephants, leopards, sloth bears, Deers, panthers, partridges, gaurs, Sambars, and crocodiles. Different species of birds like the magpie, robin, golden backed woodpecker, crested serpent eagle and many more can be seen here.

Additional to all these is the temple at Ulavi where Goddess Kali is worshiped and people who like trekking can visit this. It also serves as the camping spot. Adventure sports include river rafting in the waters of river Kali River.


How to reach Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary

Airways: Dabolim airport in Goa that is just 140 kms far from the destination.

Railways:  3 railway stations in neighboring cities namely Londa at a distance of 23 kms, in Dharwad about 58 kms and Hubli which is at a distance of 70 kms.

Roadways:  Travel by private or state buses from Dharwad (55 km), Hubli (70 km), Belgaum (110 km), Goa (138 km) and Bangalore (486 km).

Where to Stay in Dandeli

You can find fully furnished cottages, hotels, guesthouses and many more. And also individual rooms with attached baths for people without any company.

Best Time to Visit:


It is better if you visit this place in the months of January and May also in the months of October to December.

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