Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka,India

Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka,India

One of the best tourist glees in the southern part of India is Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary of Karnataka, which is a reserve for the extinct species of both animals and birds.

The Origin 

Situated in the midst of the Karapur Forest, which is full scenic beauty. Formerly it was a hunting ground for the Maharajas of Mysore and at present serves as for an adventurous, mystic charm and magical holiday.

The Location 

Located at the southern tip of the Nagarahole National Park and holds a tributary of Cauvery called the Kabini. Kabini wildlife sanctuary is put up at about 210 kms from Bangalore and 70 kms from Mysore.

The Flora 

This sanctuary shelters a wide range of flora and fauna and greenery is found everywhere. Thick forests are seen along the valleys and overwhelming torrents and pond like stuffs enrich the beauty of this sanctuary. It has a 60 sq-km static water body that bi-furcated the Nagarahole and Bandipur National parks, which forms the major attraction for people who love nature. This Sanctuary is a blend of serene beauty and exciting adventure.

The Fauna 

You get to see many dangerous wild species of animals that include Panther, leopard, spotted deer, sambar, cheetah and many more. The list continues with barking deer, sloth bear, chital, gaur, tiger and antelope are some other animals that are easily seen in this Sanctuary. Along with the above you also get to watch the giant Asiatic elephants in small groups in a place called Pachyderm Palace. Collection of reptiles includes crocodiles, python, cobra and many more. Coming to birds it holds about 250 species. Are these not enough for you?

Time to visit

Plan your trip to Kabini Wildlife Sanctuary in the months of October and May. It is mainly because during summer animals gather near the lake and in the rainy season it is very hard to find animals nearby.

Reaching Route 

This Sanctuary is easily accessible by air, rail and road and about 210 kms far from Mysore. You can find buses from all the major cities of the state. And is just 78 kms from Mananthavadi main road.

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