Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary is entirely enclosed by the Western Ghat Mountains and is one of the favorite tourist destinations. It is located in Karnataka near the Mysore Ooty Highway, which are just 230 kms away from Bangalore and 78 kms from Mysore.

The Origin 

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary belonged to Maharaja Wodeyar and was known for hunting till 1930. Later in the year 1941 it joined the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve along with the Nagarahole National Park in the North, the Wayanad Sanctuary of Kerala and Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary of Tamil Nadu in the South.

The sanctuary is an area of about 850 sq kms. It won an award for the Project Tiger Plan and in the year 1947 it was claimed as a National Park under the Wildlife Protection Act.

Salient Features 

A perfect place for a variety of flora and fauna as it has got the modest climate and ideal environmental features. The temperature falls in between 20-30 degree Celsius. It’s aiming at safeguarding eco-conservation.

The Flora 

You can find variety of flora that includes grassy woodlands, evergreen forest, deciduous forest and many more. You can also find teak and rosewood that India is famous for.

The Animals 

Bandipur Wildlife Sanctuary holds a wide range of fauna. Asian Elephants in large number is easily found during the safari. You also get to see Tigers, Leopards, Chital, Sloth Bears, Wild Boars and many more. Try the Jungle Cat or the Golden Jackal visiting this Park. List of wild life goes on with Indian Pangolin, Gaur, Lion-tailed Macaque, Grizzled Indian Squirrel, Bengal Fox and Stripe-necked Mongoose and many more that will make your visit worth.

The Birds 

If you are a person who loves to watch the aerial category then this sanctuary satisfies you to the utmost. It holds almost 250 varieties of species that includes Hawk Eagle, Scops Owl, Woodpeckers, Hornbills, Serpent Eagle and the Gray Jungle Fowl. Exclusive ones such as Gray Partridges, Paradise Flycatchers, Barbets, Parakeets, Shaheen Falcons, Hill Mynas and King Vultures and many more in package.

Snakes and other Reptiles 

Some of the common species found here are Vine Snake, Rock Python, Common Krait, Wolf Snake, Bamboo Pit Snake and Russell’s Viper and additional to this you can find Monitor Lizards and Crocodiles.

Nearby Attractions 

You can visit some of the surrounding tourist spots like the Madumalai Wildlife Sanctuary that about 18 kms away from National Park, Gopalaswamy Hills about 15 kms away and Ooty that is 78 kms away.

Instructions for Tourists

Don’t forget that you should opt for cotton dresses during summer and woolen clothing in winter and raincoats in the rainy season that will make your trip comfortable without any grumbles.

Getting here:

By Air: Nearest airport is in Bangalore that is about 217 kms far from the sanctuary.

By Railways: Mysore railway station is the closest one that is just 72 kms away.

On Road: This place is well connected with all the main roads from Mysore, Ooty and Bangalore.

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