Tourist Places to Visit in Solapur, Maharashtra, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Solapur, Maharashtra, India

Solapur is a conurbation in Maharashtra, India. Solapur is prominent for its textile business and is renowned all around the globe for its towels and sheets. The city of Solapur has urbanized as the business hub for cotton and various agricultural products. Solapur is a main metropolitan of Maharashtra and is a significant ethnic centre of Jains. Positioned in the South East section of Maharashtra, the region has several remarkable chronological memorials and landmarks.

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History of Solapur

The title Solapur has been taken from the terms Sola that literally means sixteen and Pur which literally means Parish. The history of Solapur dates back to early 11th century approximately in the year 1140 it was under the rule of Patil Mordi Modhyagouda. It is stated that the city has changed hands with Bahamanis, Chalukyas, Yadavas, Andhrabhratyas and Rashtrakutas. In the earlier times, Solapur was recognized as `Sonnalage` and later it was articulated as `Sonnalagi`.  After the Yadavas it was called as Sonalipur. During the Muslim regime it was recognized as Sandalpur. British pronounced it as Sholapur and thus the name Solapur was gained. In the year 1838, it was under Ahmednagar division. In the year 1960 it was incorporated in Mumbai and made a developed region of Maharashtra.

Tourist Attractions in Solapur

The Bara Kaman

The Bara Kaman is a catacomb that was constructed in the year 1672. It was previously recognized as Ali Roza. When Shah Nawab reined the province of Solapur he named it again as Bara Kaman. The motive following this name is that Bara Kaman was the twelth memorial constructed during his realm. The Bara Kaman has seven archways and the catacomb positioned inside houses the memorials of Ali and his queens.

The Bhuikot Fort

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The Bhuikot castle is a chief landmark in the vicinity of Solapur. It was constructed under the reign of Bahamani kingdom in the primeval period approximately around 14th century AD. Accounts state that Aurangzeb had inhibited this citadel. The most prominent attraction is the Animal Park which houses diverse wildlife such as the peacock, the rabbit, the duck and monkeys etc.

Hazrat Shah Zahur Dargah

The Dargah of Hazrat Shah Zahur is a spiritual mosque constructed in zealous devotion of the renowned Muslim Saint recognized as Hazrat Shah. Hazrat Shah was distinguished to have executed several wonders.

Kudal Sangam

Kudal Sangam is a pilgrimage hub of chief historical significance. It is positioned on the basins of the rivers Bhim and Sina and is the finest region in the province of Solapur. The account of this site dates back to 800 years. Kudal Sangam is habitat to the antique shrines whose structural design is stimulated from the Hemandpathi method of structural design. The Lingam that is found in this site has many special features and does not have a sequel to it in India.

Places of interest in and around Solapur

  • Moti Baug Lake
  • Sant Damaji of Mangalwedha
  • Naldurg
  • Great Indian Bustard Sanctuary
  • Akkalkot
  • Indra Bhawan
  • Siddheshwar Temple
  • Barshi

Best season to visit Solapur

The best season to visit Solapur is during the months of November to February. The summers are very hot with humidity. There is moderate rainfall during the monsoon season. The climate is pleasant during the winter season at Solapur.

Accessibility to Solapur

By Air: The Solapur Airport is a domestic airport and gets direct flights from major cities across India.  The nearest international aerodrome is Chatrapathi Shivaji Airport at Mumbai.

By Train: Solapur Railway station gets direct trains from all over Maharashtra and few prominent Indian cities. It connects Solapur city to both the northern and southern parts of the country.

By Bus: Solapur has well linked road network that connects the city to major towns in and around Maharashtra.

Accommodation in Solapur

Many hotels in Solapur accept advanced booking and reservation for safe and relaxed stay of the guests with all the facilities and services. List of hotels in Solapur are as follows:

  • Surya Hotel International
  • Hotel City Park
  • Hotel Tripursundari
  • Hotel Srikamal International
  • Ajanta Lodge
  • Hotel Ambassador Executive
  • Hotel Ajinkya
  • Hotel Vaishnavi
  • Kinara Hotel
  • Supraja Hotel
  • Hotel Aishwarya
  • Kamat Hotel
  • Hotel Dhruv
  • Yatiraj Hotel
  • Hotel Pratham
  • Survases Surya Motels

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