Tourist Places to Visit in Buxar, Bihar, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Buxar, Bihar, India

Buxar is located in Eastern part of Bihar and is situated on the banks of river Ganga. Buxar covers a total area of 1620 sq kms and lies at an elevation of 180 feet above sea level. Buxar has a literacy rate of 95% and Bhojpuri and Hindi form the main spoken languages by the residents of Buxar. Buxar coordinates with 25.56’04” degree North Latitude and 83.98’05” degree East Longitude with Postal Code being 802101.

History about Buxar:

Indian mythology says that Buxar existed even during the times of Ramayana where the ashram of sage Vishvamitra was located in Buxar. It was said that lord Rama vanquished the demon Tadka in Buxar. Buxar is said to be arrived from Vyaghrasar, meaning tiger face of sage Vedshira who was cursed by sage Durvasa for taking bath in a holy river.

Buxar is also known for its battle called as “Battle of Buxar” that took place in the year 1764 between Mughal Rulers and the British.

Tourist attractions in and near Buxar:

Brameshwar Nath Temple:

This temple is dedicated to lord Brameshwar also known as lord Shiva which gains utmost significance during month of Sravan. The shrine is located about 2 kms from Buxar and attracts many devotees and travelers all round the year.

Katkauli Ka Maidan:

This is a very popular attraction site in Buxar where the place witnessed the Battle of Buxar that broke out in the year 1764 between British troops and Mir Qasim, the Nawab of Bengal.

Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum:

The museum fascinates many tourists that have on display huge collection of many rare artifacts, antiques, historic coins, rare stones, jems and sculptures. The museum was established in the year 1979 and is named after a local popular icon late Sita Ram Upadhyaya and the museum is open all days of the week except Sundays.

Chausa Hoard:

This is the site where the first bronze hoard was discovered in the Gangetic valley. One can find the hoards dating back to 2nd century belonging to Shunga and Gupta period. The place allures many local as well as international tourists all round the year.

Buxar Fort:

This historic monument was built by king Rudra Deo in the year 1054 A.D. that also houses temples of Gauri Shankar and Nath Baba. The Fort is a representation of master architecture and workmanship that beckons many travelers.

Biharji Temple:

Biharji temple is located about 15 kms from Buxar dedicated to lord Krishna who is also called as Bihari. The temple was built in the year 1825 by king Jai Prakash Singh and attracts many devotees and tourists from all parts of the country.


Varanasi is about 135 kms from Buxar renowned for Jyotirling, rivers, forts, museums and pilgrimage center.


Bodhgaya is about 215 kms from Buxar where Buddha attained enlightment during rigorous penance. It is known for temples, stupas and Buddhist monasteries.


Lucknow is about 394 kms from Buxar famous for temples, masjids, palaces, forts, gardens, museums and wildlife sanctuaries.


Kanpur is located at a distance of 440 kms from Buxar known for temples, sanctuaries and rivers.

Connectivity to Buxar in Bihar:

Buxar is well connected by road, rail and air modes of transport. Ample bus services are available from Buxar to Patna at regular intervals. Buxar is also connected by railway line where many long distance trains pass via Buxar Railway Station on daily, weekly and bi-weekly basis. Patna is about 135 kms from Buxar and the nearest airport is Patna Airport which is approx 135 kms from Buxar.

When to visit Buxar?

Though Buxar can be visited all round the year, the most suitable season to visit Buxar will be during months of October to February when the climate remains friendly and pleasant.

Finding accommodations in Buxar:

The Department of Tourism have built many normal standard and high class hotels in the proximity of Buxar. Some of the luxury hotels provide extra amenities like doctors on call, airport pickup and drop, arrange for travel bookings, conduct packaged tours, 24 hrs information and help desks, sauna, spa, swimming pools, bed accompanied with breakfast and lunch etc. List of hotels located in and near Buxar are:

  • Hotel Apsara
  • Hotel Centaur Hokke
  • Hotel Living Legend
  • Hotel Madhur Tarang
  • Hotel Samrat
  • Hotel Shiva Rest House
  • Hotel Indralok
  • Hotel Manish
  • Hotel Clark Inn
  • Hotel Aniket
  • Hotel Amar
  • Hotel Sahara Palace
  • Park Inn Resort
  • Swagatam Residency

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