Places to Visit in Bordi, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Places to Visit in Bordi, Thane, Maharashtra, India

Bordi is known for their beautiful well laid beaches is a major tourist attraction in Thane district in Maharashtra. Mumbai is about 15 kms from Bordi and Dahanu is located about 15 away kms from Bordi.

Tourist attractions in and near Bordi:

Bordi Beach:

The beaches are known for their clear waters and serene atmosphere that enthralls the visitors coming to this place. The beaches are bound by many fruit orchards like chikoo and other varieties of fruits. The beach attracts many tourists from all parts of the country.

Asavli Dam:

The dams are surrounded by lush greenery and natural scenic beauty by lake on one side and mountains on other side. The place provides an ideal picnic spot for entire family and friends and is a popular tourist hub in Maharashtra.

Bahrot Caves:

Bahrot Mountains are located at a height of 1500 feet above sea level and 20 kms south of Sanjaan. Inside the cave one can find a Mashall or a burning fire burning all the time to pay respect to those brave men who laid their lives to keep the Iranshah Atash Behram. It is one of the popular tourist spot in Maharashtra.

Dahanu Fort:

Dahanu Fort is one of the popular tourist attractions that is situated near Bordi. The Fort was in the hands of the British before independence and was converted to a jail. The Fort is located on the north bank of the river and is built of cut stones.

Depchari Dam and Reservoir:

It is one of the largest dams and reservoir located in Bordi which is known as an ideal picnic spot. The region is renowned for its rich natural scenic beauty bound by lush greenery and trees. Many tourists come to this place to relax and rejuvenate their body and mind as the place is away from hustle and bustle of the city life.

Kalpataru Botanical Gardens:

Kalpataru Botanical Gardens are about 10 kms from Bordi famous for its medicinal trees, plants, herbs and shrubs that are grown, cultivated and nourished in this garden. The best season to visit the gardens will be during monsoons as the tress are in full bloom.

Malliknath Jain Temple:

This is one of the Jain temples located in Bordi which is dedicated to lord Adinath, one of the 24 Jain Thirthankaras. The temple attracts huge Jain devotees and travelers around the world all round the year.


Mumbai is about 145 kms from Bordi famous for beaches, shopping, cuisines, gardens, museums, zoo and historical monuments.


Pune is located at 214 kms from Bordi known for temples, forts, culture, zoo, malls and amusement parks.

When to visit Bordi?

Bordi can be visited all round the year like in summer, monsoon and winter. The beaches and forts can be visited during summers whereas the Botanical gardens can be visited during rainy seasons.

Connectivity to Bordi in Maharashtra:

Mumbai is about 145 kms from Bordi and many state owned buses ply between Bordi and Mumbai at regular intervals. The nearest railway station from Bordi is Dahanu Road Railway Station that is approx 3 kms where many express and passenger trains pass via this station. Taxis, jeeps and cool cabs are available from Mumbai and would cost around Rs. 2000 for one way trip. Vasai a suburb in Mumbai is about 98 kms, Thane is 107 kms and Bhiwandi is approx 109 kms from Bordi.

Hotels in Bordi:

Bordi is becoming one of the popular tourist destinations in present times due to scenic beauty and beaches. Many tourists have started venturing the place that has lots to offer for the travelers. One can find many decent hotels that provide good standard accommodation facilities in Bordi. Hotels range from single star to 5 star providing host of amenities and facilities. List of hotels located in and near Bordi are:

  • Hotel Daisy Residency
  • Hotel 7 Flags International
  • Hotel Royal Park
  • Hotel Ace Residency
  • Hotel Peninsula Grand
  • Galaxy Residency Hotel
  • Hotel Mumbai Metro
  • Hotel Metro International
  • Hotel Crescent
  • On Time Hotel
  • Hotel Orange Inn
  • Hotel Classic Residency
  • Hotel Mina International
  • Silver Inn Hotel
  • Hotel Sunshine
  • Hotel Rana Residency

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