Beautiful Places to Visit in Raigad, Maharashtra, India

Beautiful Places to Visit in Raigad, Maharashtra, India

Raigad is a district headquarters in Maharashtra, India well known for its prosperous tradition, antique memorials and rock-strewn topography. Snuggled in the Sahyadri peak terrain this attractive place presents the spectacular sight of natural grandeur. Raigad is eminent from the close by mounts by exquisite and reflective vales. Raigad is furthermore famous for its diverse and prosperous ethnic inheritance. The folk arts like Bhajan, Keertan , Koli Dance and Bharud are extremely accepted amongst the Raigad populace.

History of Raigad

It was the ancient capital of Chathrapati Shivaji. The past dates back to 18th century when Kulaba district was divided from Thane district. It is believed that the northern section of the current Raigad district was held by the Thane district. In the year 1883, Panvel joined Kolaba and in the year 1891 Karjat joined Kolaba. Kolaba district was afterwards nominated as Raigad district.


Tourist Attractions in and near Raigad

Raigad Caves

Raigad proffers a small number of appealing cavern magnetism which boasts to be noteworthy at some period of time when it was under various rulers.

Elephanta Caves

Laid on the north-westward course of the shoreline of Raigad are the three small parishes of Elephanta or Gharapuri Islet. The 7th century rock-cut shrines of Elephanta was a castle town with caverns that are now selected as a World Heritage Site and perceived by numerous visitors both for their rich primeval design  and picturesque significance.

It was instigated as Elephanta by the Portuguese after an outsized sandstone elephant was found near the coast. The cave shrines are committed to Lord Shiva and one can find a chief cavern that has numerous carved sections. Until now the most striking statuette is the Maheshamurti or the Great Lord Shiva in lieu of the three- cranium deity as the originator, conserver and demolisher.

The Portuguese renamed this island Elephanta after a large stone elephant found near the shore ( the elephant sculpture collapsed in 1814, when the British relocated it to the Victoria Gardens now Mumbai s zoo, where it still stands). The cave temples are dedicated to Lord Shiva, and there is one main cave with several sculpt section. By far the most arresting sculpture is of Maheshamurti or the Great Lord Shiva representing the three-headed god as the creator, preserver and destroyer. There are additional fragile and curious panes on the entrance and side parapets.


Bhairi Caves

Bhairi Caves is positioned near the Karjat in Raigad District. It is a massive cavern close to a Bhairi apex and animal surrender still takes place here.

Pale Caves

The Pale caves are also branded as Gandharpale Caves are positioned on Gandharpale Mound in Raigad District. The caverns are four folded with each compartment having an elevation of 60 meters. The splendor of Ghatikayantra method of structural design can be observed all over the place.

Kuda Caves

Kuda Caves is an exciting sightseer spot which is positioned next to Kuda in Raigad District. It comprises of a succession of 13 Buddhist caverns.

Jijamata Palace

Jijamata Palace at Pachad embraces an important spot in the account of Maratha kingdom. Jijabai who was the mother of Shivaji is ascribed for the magnitude of Shivaji. The Jijamata palace is the space where Jijabai, a woman of high principles lived till her demise. It was damaged at the time of British rule in India.

Raigad Fort                     

The Fort of Raigad is also described as ‘the Gibraltar of the East’ is a memorial of intuitive revelation of Hindavi Swarajya and used to be the ancient capital of Maratha Empire. This fortification was preserved and cherished under the administration of Chhatrapati Shivaji. It is positioned at a height above sea level of 2700 feet on a wedge-shaped stone that makes it unattainable from three sides. One must use the chord line which is provided to reach this fort.

Places of attraction around Raigad

  • Queen S Palace
  • Takmak Tok
  • Raigad Museum
  • Shri Swami Samarth Vishwa Kalyan Kendra
  • Raj Bhawan
  • Kondivli Beach
  • Karnala Bird Sanctuary
  • Shri Varad Vinayak Temple
  • Kashid Beach
  • Kalbhairav Temple


Best Season to visit Raigad

The best season to visit Raigad is during the months of October to March when the climate is pleasant and good for tourists to visit. The summers are very hot. During the monsoon season there is heavy downpour with high humidity.


Accessibility to Raigad

By Road: MSRTC provides ample number of buses from major cities like Pune and Mumbai. Raigad city is well connected to the adjoining cities via public transport system.

By Train: The nearest railhead is the Vir Dasgaon which lies on the Konkan railway line and has direct trains from Mumbai and Pune.

By Air: The nearest airdrome is Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport at Mumbai located 150 km away from the Raigad city.

Accommodations in Raigad

  • Hotel Kuber Palace
  • Sagar Sawali Hotel
  • Kundalika Hotel
  • MTDC Resort Raigad
  • Pat Acres
  • Sagar Darshan
  • Shiv Parvati Guest House
  • Hotel Saitej
  • Swaraj Farm
  • Visava Motel
  • Uday Holiday Home
  • Balaji Farms & Country Homes
  • Garava Farm House
  • Hotel Madhushanti

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