Tourist Places to Visit in Gopalpur, Ganjam, Odisha, India

Tourist Places to Visit in Gopalpur, Ganjam, Odisha, India

Gopalpur is located on the Asian continent in the country India close to the Bay of Bengal. Gopalpur is located in the district of Ganjam in the Odisha state towards the south. Gopalpur is at a distance of 15km from Berhampur. The geographical coordinates are 19.27oN and 84.92oE. In summer season the temperature ranges from 20 0C to 45 0C and in winter season the temperature ranges from 4 0C to 22 0C. It is located at 1m above sea level.

The month from October to March end is the most convenient time for vacation at Gopalpur.

History of Gopalpur on Sea

In the Pre-colonial period, Gopalpur was under the rule of the Kalinga dynasty. During those days this place happened to be the most important port for trading goods such as food grains and other commodities. Ships would travel to the far south-east islands like Java, Sumatra and other for making better fortunes by trading goods.

According to history, the district Gopalpur formed a part of the kingdom of Kalinga. In the late 1803, the Marathas signed a treaty with the British Raj. The British merged Odisha with Bengal. During the British reign, the place, Gopalpur witnessed the rise of the British Maritime. Gopalpur also became the most favored trading center by the British who began exporting rice from India to Burma.

People & Culture  Gopalpur on Sea

There are various occasions in every year where festivals are celebrated in and around Gopalpur with Dusshera, Kali Puja, Kartikeshwar Puja and Kite flying being some of the important festivals. Ever since 1996, the Government of Odisha has began the concept of organizing Gopalpur Beach Festival in order to boost tourism

Oriya, Hindi and English are the languages known to the people of Odisha, but the local language of the people is Oriya.

Food and Shopping Gopalpur on Sea

Rice is the staple food of the locals. Gopalpur being a coastal region has restaurants serving a wide variety of seafood delicacies along with sweets.There are stalls selling ornaments made of sea shells.

Tourist Places in Gopalpur on Sea

There are temples with magnificent architecture and other places with amazing landscapes of interest in and around Gopalpur. Some of them are listed below

  • Old Jetty


This Jetty was created during the colonial times by the British. Ships from faraway places would arrive at this Jetty for trade


  • Taratarini Temple


This temple has wonderful architecture and is devoted to Goddess Tara and Tarini.


  • Taptapani


A natural spring with hot water, the water emerging which is said to have cure for various diseases.

  • Dhavaleshwar


An island situated close to the  banks of river Mahandi, has one of the most pleasant ambience and a boat ride to this island is a memory to cherish.

Other places of interest near to Gopalpur are

  • Lighthouse
  • Chandragiri
  • Mangalesvara Shiva Temple, Puri
  • Konark Sun Temple, Konark

Means of Commutation to Gopalpur on Sea

Gopalpur is well connected to the rest of the world via roadways, airways and railways.

NH 5 and NH 217 passes through Gopalpur connecting it to many other places. The distance of Gopalpur, via road, from cities within the state and neighboring states, along with their distance are mentioned below

  • Berhampur is located at a distance of 16km
  • Bhubaneshwar is located at a distance of 173km
  • Barkul is located at a distance of 75 km
  • Kolkata is located at a distance of 600km

Inter city transportation is facilitated by auto rickshaws, bus and taxis.

Berhampur railway station is the closest railway station to Gopalpur on sea and is located at a distance of 16km.

Gopalpur is well connected to other places within the country. The airport at Bhubaneshwar is located at a distance of 180km from Gopalpur.

Accommodation Options at Gopalpur on Sea

One can find hotels, resorts and guest houses near to the beach. The hotels have luxury and deluxe rooms and provide services such as free breakfast, Wi-Fi and other such amenities at an initial price of Rs. 2500/- per room. There are also budget hotels wherein one can avail room at an initial rent of Rs. 450/- per day. the names of hotels at Gopalpur are suggested below

  • Mayfair Palm Beach Resort
  • Swosti Palm Resort
  • Song of the Sea
  • Green Park Hotel
  • Sea Pearl Hotel
  • Otdc Hotel
  • Kalinga Hotel
  • Rohini Hotel
  • Heaven Spot
  • Rosalin Hotel
  • Hotel Sea Side Breeze
  • Panthanivas-Gopalpur
  • Motel Mermaid
  • Holiday Home Hotel
  • Golden Guest House

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