Beautiful Tourist Places in Bhadrak, Odisha, India

Beautiful Tourist Places in Bhadrak, Odisha, India

Bhadrak city is located in the Bhadrak district in the Indian state of Odisha. The state Odisha was formerly known as Orissa. The geography coordinates put this place at 21.060 N and 86.500 E. The city, Bhadrak spans over an area of 1,723 km2. In summer season the temperature ranges from 43 to 47 degrees and in winter season the temperature ranges from 17 to 23 degrees. Bhadrak is situated above 23 meters from the mean sea level.

History of Bhadrak

History of Bhadrak has its roots since ancient times. During the Purana dynasty the place Bhadrak prospered in agriculture, trade and commerce. Its maritime also flourished greatly. Relics from the Buddhist era dating to the 7th century are found in many places in and around Bhadrak. In the year 1568, a fierce battle was fought against the invaders led by the then King Mukunda near the river Genguti in the village Gohiratikiri. In 1575, Bhadrak was ruled by the Nawabs of Bengal.

In the year 1804, the British conquered Bhadrak. In 1828, Bhadrak was under the governing of a Magistrate of the Sub-Division appointed by the British Raj.

Many great historic events took place in National history of Bhadrak. In the year 1921, the non-cooperation movement was led by the Nations great leader Mahatma Gandhi. In 1922, a major uprising took place in Kanika under the leadership of Chakradhar Behera. The year 1930, marked the unrest of the civil movement led by Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab. The Quit India Movement led by Muralidhar Panda in 1942 witnessed the patriotism of the people of Bhadrak region.

In 1947, after Indian Independence, Bhadrak was under the administration of the Odisha state.

People & Culture at Bhadrak

Bhadrak has a rich and diverse culture with people from all religion, caste and sect residing in and around the city, Bhadrak. Oriya, Urdu, Hindi and English are the languages known to the people of Odisha, but the local language of the people is Oriya.

Many festivals are celebrated in and around Bhadrak with Dusshera , Kali Puja, Kartikeshwar Puja, Maha Shivratri being some of the important festivals. Other festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi, etc. are celebrated with great prompt. The main festivals celebrated with enthusiasm among the people of Orissa are Kumar Purnima, Raja.

Rath Yatra also happens to be one of the major festivals celebrated with great prompt throughout the Bhadrak town every year.

Food and Shopping at Bhadrak

Odisha offers a wide range of multi-cuisine, both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. Rice is the staple food of the locals. Odisha being a coastal region in the east offers a lot of seafood delicacies. Sweets too form an integral part of the food.

The streets of Bhadrak is filled with shops various handmade artifacts carved from wood and metal. There are shops selling beautifully colored garments with exquisite designs.


Tourist Places in Bhadrak

There are plenty of temples with magnificent architecture of interest in and around Bhadrak. Some of them are listed below:

  • Akhandalamani Temple
  • Sri Biranchinarayan Temple
  • Sri Radha Madanmohan Temple
  • Bankabasuli Temple
  • Ananta Narayan Temple
  • Lokanath Temple
  • Panchamukhi Hanuman Temple

Kadam Rasul a famous location in Bhadrak district is happens to be a famous tourist attraction, and is located 2 km from the Darghah of Hazrat Mujahd-e-Millat in Jagti.

Means of Commutation to Bhadrak

Bhadrak is well connected to the rest of the places in the Indian country via roadways, railways and airways. The distance of Bhadrak, via road, from various cities in the state of Odisha and neighboring states are mentioned below

  • Cuttack is located at a distance of 106 km
  • Kolkata is located at a distance of 327 km
  • Kanpur is located at a distance of 1143 km
  • Lucknow is located at a distance of 1197 km
  • Hyderabad is located at a distance of 1252 km
  • Chennai is located at a distance of 1368 km

Inter city transportation is facilitated by bus and taxis. There are trains running on a daily basis from Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Delhi, Chennai to Bhadrak railway station.

Bhadrak is also connected to the rest of the world via airways. The airport located in Bhubaneswar is the closest airport to Bhadrak and is located at a distance of 130 km.

Accommodation Options at Bhadrak

There are plenty of hotels with beautiful interior decors in and around Bhadrak. Some of the hotels also offer complimentary breakfast to their guests. There are also Spa’s available in some of the resorts where one can rejuvenate themselves. Some of these hotels are mentioned below.

  • Aryanivas Chandbali
  • Hussain Guest House
  • Panthanivas Chandbali
  • Reeta Guest House
  • Orion Hotel
  • Blue Vine Hotel
  • Sampark Hotel
  • Abhinandan Hotel
  • Tarini Continental Hotel
  • Sneha Residency
  • Dixit Resort Hotel
  • Yashoda Hotel
  • Swagatam Hotel
  • Hotel Barjorjis Banjara
  • Hotel Lucky International

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