Best Tourist Places in Baripada, Odisha

Best Tourist Places in Baripada, Odisha

Baripada is a city located in the district of Mayurbhanj in the Indian state of Odisha forms the center of operation of Mayurbhanj district. During the summer season the average temperature hovers to 400 C and in winter season the average temperature is 320 C at Baripada. In winter season during nightfall temperature can be as low as 100 C. Geographical coordinates puts Baripada at 21.940 N and 86.720 E. Baripada is 36 meters above sea level.

History of Baripada

According to history, the district Baripada formed a part of the kingdom of Kalinga. In 1568, the Mughals conquered Baripada and brought it under their rule. In the 18th century, after the fall of the Mughals, the Marathas took charge of the administration of Odisha and Baripada fell to the Maratha King who ruled from Nagpur.

In the late 1803, the Marathas signed a treaty with the British Raj. The place, Baripada witnessed the establishment of the East India Company under the treaty. In 1763, the Danish overthrew the British and took charge of Baripada. In 1845, the British regained their supremacy in the Baripada region.

People & Culture in Baripada

Baripada has a rich and diverse culture with people from all religion, caste and sect residing in and around the town.

The culture and art of Baripada is well known throughout the country. The place is also famous for the martial arts dance known as Chhau dance. Jhumar song sung by the locals is a well folklore song in the Baripada region. Baripada is also famous for the Ratha Yatra carried out by women. Jagadhatri Mela held at Bhanjpur is one of the biggest Mela festivals, celebrated for a period of ten days. Chaitra Parva is another festival celebrated in Baripada. This festival is aimed to recognize the talents of the people residing in Baripada district.

Many festivals are celebrated in and around Baripada with Dusshera , Kali Puja, Kartikeshwar Puja, Kite flying being some of the important festivals. Other festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Diwali, Holi, etc. are celebrated with great prompt.

Oriya, Hindi and English are the languages known to the people of Baripada region, but the local language of the people is Oriya.

Food and Shopping in Baripada

Baripada offers a wide range of multi-cuisine, both Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian. Rice is the staple food of the locals. Baripada being a coastal region in the east offers a lot of seafood delicacies. There are plenty of stalls selling lip smacking food on the street of Baripada.

Sweets too form an integral part of the food.

There are many shopping centers selling handmade artifacts in and around the Baripada city. There are shops selling colorful garments throughout the city. One can see many jewelry shops in Baripada, selling beautifully crafted ornaments.

Tourist Places in Baripada

Baripada has many temples, with marvelous architectures, and beautiful landscapes of interest. The place also has one of the country’s best flora and fauna. Some of these places are mentioned below

  • Haripur
  • Mayurbhanj Museum
  • Bhimakunda
  • Mahatma Gandhi Botanical Garden
  • Jashipur
  • Similipal Sanctuary
  • Khiching
  • Jwalamukhi Temple
  • Rairangapur
  • Maa Ambika Temple
  • Manatri
  • Sahid Smruti Bhawan
  • Sri Jagannath Temple
  • Jubilee Library

The first ever airport created in Odisha state by the British Raj and used during the world war II is located at the distance of 17 km from Baripada.

Means of Commutation to Baripada

Baripada is well connected with the rest of the cities within Odisha and other parts of India. NH 18 which is the originating point of the route connecting Chennai is located at a distance of 31 km from the city. NH 18 also intersects with NH 6, which forms the route connecting Kolkata to Mumbai.

Distance of some of the cities within the state and neighboring states from Odisha are mentioned below:

  • Kolkata is located at a distance of 228 km
  • Delhi is located at a distance of 1513 km
  • Chennai is located at a distance of 1630 km
  • Pune is located at a distance of 1677 km
  • Bhubaneswar is located at a distance of 252 km

There are plenty of buses and taxis available from Bhubaneswar to Baripada. Inter city transportation is facilitated by taxis.

Trains on a daily basis from Cuttack and Bhubaneswar do pass through Baripada railway station.

The airport located in Bhubaneswar connects Baripada to rest of the world.

Accommodation Options at Baripada

There are plenty of hotels with beautiful interior decors in and around Baripada. Some of the hotels also offer complimentary breakfast to their guests. There are also Spa’s available in some of the resorts where one can rejuvenate themselves. Some of these hotels are mentioned below.

  • Ambika Hotel
  • Mohapatra Hotel
  • Durga Hotel
  • Hotel Nishamani
  • Siddhartha Hotel
  • Sitakund Rest House
  • Shibapriya Hotel
  • Sai Binayak Hotel
  • Bishram Hotel
  • Apsara Hotel
  • Shanti Lodge
  • Kalika Lodge
  • Aparna Lodge
  • Baripada Guest House
  • Krishna Lodge

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