Tourist Places Attractions in Lunagad, Uttarkashi, Uttaranchal, India

Tourist Places Attractions in Lunagad, Uttarkashi, Uttaranchal, India

Lunagad is a creek at Mori, a place on the Indian continent in the state of Uttaranchal. The place forms a part of Uttarkashi district. Mori is 1150 meters above sea level. During the summer season the average temperature is 23o C and in winter season the average temperature is 10o C. Temperature can drop to about 2o C in the winter season. The creeks of Lunagad are surrounded by a variety of colored flowers such as wild roses, majestic red and yellow flowers making the place a heaven on earth.

Best time to explore Lunagad is between the months from October to February.

History of Lunagad

Over the years, Uttarkashi was ruled by many dynasties such as Kunindas, Guptas, Gurjara-Pratihara, Katyuris, Raikas, Palas, Panwars, and Sikhs before the British took control of the city.

During the 2nd century, Uttarkashi was ruled by Kunindas dynasty. There are also some artifacts that show the existence of Buddhism in some parts of the town. In 1803, the Gurkha Empire conquered Uttarkashi. Later in 1816, the Gurkha Empire was defeated by the British Raj who later took control of the city.

In the year 1947, after the Indian Independence, Uttarkashi became a part of Uttarakhand state.


People & Culture of Lunagad

Mori the place where Lunagad creek exists offers a rich and diverse culture, with people from all caste, religion and sect residing throughout the place. One can come across people belonging to various religions such as Sikhs, Christians, Jains, Muslim and Hindus. Kumaoni, Garhwali and Hindi are the languages spoken by the people in and around Lunagad, with Hindi being the local language. Every year festivals such as Maha Shivratri, Navarathri, Diwali etc., are celebrated in a grand way throughout Mori.

Agriculture forms the main occupation of the people of Mori.

Food and Shopping in Lunagad

Restaurants in Lunagad offer tourist a wide range of Multi – cuisine, vegetarian and non- vegetarian. Wheat has been the staple food in this region.

There are plenty of shops selling amazing artifacts crafted from wood. Other crafted items are ornaments, woolen shawls and rugs.  There are shops selling beautiful paintings.

Tourist Places in and near Lunagad

There many religious structures and natural attractions around the creek which are of great interest. Some of these interesting places are mentioned below

  • Netwar

It is at this place, the rivers Tons and Rupin Gad meets together. There is a shrine dating to the Mahabharata epic and is devoted Karna who happens to be the son of Kunti and the Sun God.

  • Duryodhana Temple

There are also temples devoted to Duryodhana, one of the sons of the Kauravas. This is the only place where one will find people worshipping the prince, Duryodhana of Mahabharata epic.

  • Lunagad Creek

The place near the creek is like heaven on earth with varieties of exotic plants blooming in and around the Creek.

Other activities include trekking, camping, rafting and kayaking, rock climbing and rappelling.


Means of Commutation to Lunagad

Lunagad creek is well connected with the rest of the places in India through roadways, railways and airway. The place has very good public transport facilities.

The distance of Lunagad creek from some of the cities in Uttaranchal and neighboring states are given below

  • Chandigarh is located at a distance of 300 km
  • Delhi is located at a distance of 400 km
  • Nagpur is located at a distance of 1468 km
  • Mumbai is located at a distance of 1800 km
  • Bangalore is located at a distance of 2530 Kms

Dehradun railway station in Uttarakhand is located at a distance of 175 km from Lunagad creek.

Jollygrant airport at Dehradun in Uttarakhand is located at a distance of 175 km from Mori.

Accommodation Options at Lunagad

Resorts and three star hotels at Lunagad offer outstanding facilities so tourist can stay comfortably. These hotels and resorts have luxury as well as deluxe rooms priced at starting range of Rs. 3000/- per day. One can also avail budget hotels at Lunagad for Rs. 500/- per day

  • Banjara Rafting Camp
  • Camp Har Ki Dam
  • Anand Ganga
  • Kurflon Basics
  • Shivlinga Tourist Complex
  • Shivparivar Resort
  • The Chardham Camp Barkot
  • Shikhar Nature Resort
  • Monal Tourist Home
  • Hotel Yamuna-Aditya
  • 5 Elements Hotel
  • Geetanjali Resort
  • Hotel Hanslok
  • Hotel Himanshu
  • Hotel KNB Heritage

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