Tourist Places near Bakkhali, Parganas District, West Bengal, India

Tourist Places near Bakkhali, Parganas District, West Bengal, India

About Bakkhali

Bakkhali a place situated in the Parganas district of Indian state of West Bengal. The average temperature during the summer season is 370 C and in winter, the average temperature is 300 C.  The geographical coordinates this place are 21.5632670 N and 88.2594390 E.

Bakkhali is one of the islands in West Bengal. The beach stretches to about 8 km. Bakkhali and Frasergunj are called as twin beaches with sea creating waves, rolling gently towards the shore. The beach is filled with Casuarina trees.

History of Bakkhali

Bakkhali was discovered in the 20th century, by Sir Andrew Fraser who was the then Lt. Governor of Bengal during the year 1903 to 1908.  A small town in Bakkhali was named Frasergunj after him. A house stands ignored near the beach of Bakkhali which once happened to be the house where Fraser lived. Locals mentions about a shipwreck that took place near Bakkhali in which Fraser survived and was taken care by a woman residing near the beach. He was very much emotionally attached to the woman. When his wife knew about his attachment with the woman, she ordered the British troops to shot the local woman who saved his life.

People & Culture in Bakkhali

Bakkhali place offers a rich and diverse culture. People from all religion, caste and sect reside in and around Bakkhali. Bengali, Hindi, English are the languages known by the people, with Bengali being the local language.

Various festivals are celebrated with great prompt with Holi and Navratri being the two main festivals.

Fishing is the main occupation of the locals residing in Bakkhali. Bakkhali being a coastal region of West Bengal has numerous salt pans.

Food and Shopping in Bakkhali

The staple diet of Bengalis is fish, vegetable and rice. A normal breakfast could consist of milk and rice flakes eaten with fluffy pancakes made of wheat and boiled mashed potatoes. Lunch would consist of rice and dal with veggies, fresh salad, fish and meat.

Bengalis adore a variety sweets made of milk and sugar.  Rosogulla, Sandesh are some of the famous sweets.

Tourist Places in Bakkhali

Driving through the route connecting Diamond Harbor to Bakkhali provides a wonderful experience. One can come across many small creeks on the route. Doania Hatania creek located at Namkhana is the only creek without bridge. Here a ferry is used to connect between the two sides.

Some of the places of interest at Bakkhali are:

  • Bishhalakshmi Temple
  • Banabibi Temple
  • Bakkhali Watch Tower
  • Jambu Dwip
  • Henry’s Island
  • Sagar Island

Crocodile farm is another famous center among the tourists. Few species of deer can also be seen in Bakkhali.

Means of Commutation to Bakkhali

Bakkhali is well connected to rest of the places within India by Road, Rail and Airways.

Buses and rickshaw vans are the modes of transport within the city limits.

The distance Bakkhali from various cities, via road, in the state of Bengal and the cities from neighboring are given below

  • Kolkata is located at a distance of 130 km
  • Mumbai is located at a distance of 1636 km
  • Delhi is located at a distance of 1586 km
  • Shillong is located at a distance of 843 km
  • Agartala is located at a distance of 630 km

Howrah railway station located 130 km from Bakkhali connects the town to the rest of the places in India.

The Kolkata Airport located at a distance of 120 km from Bakkhali connects the town to the rest of the world. Regular flights are available from other cities in India.

Accommodation Options at Bakkhali

There are plenty of hotels and resorts in and around Bakkhali. The hotel boasts of world class amenities. Some hotels provide free internet and breakfast services. There are massage parlors and spas in some of the resorts. One can enjoy such facilities at a reasonable price in order to rejuvenate themselves. Some of the prominent hotels in Bakkhali are mentioned below:

  • Hotel Deepak
  • Bay View Tourist Lodge
  • Hotel Dolphin
  • Bakkhali Tourist Lodge
  • Amarabati Hotel
  • Sagar Belay Guest House
  • Balaka Hotel
  • Joyguru Abasan Lodge
  • Sahana Tourist Lodge
  • Sundari Rest House
  • Hotel Indrakanan
  • Hotel Sea View
  • Ananya Hotel
  • Narayani Lodge
  • Mangrove Rest House

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