Beautiful Tourist Places in Sonipat, Sonipat, Haryana, India

Beautiful Tourist Places in Sonipat, Sonipat, Haryana, India

Sonipat town is situated on the Indian continent in the Haryana state in the district Sonipat.  The geographical coordinates puts the place at 28.980 N and 77.020 E. Sonamarg is 224.15 meter from the sea level. During the summer season the average temperature is 47 0C and in winter season the temperature ranges from 6 0C to 7 0C. In winter season temperature can go below freezing point in the night.

Sonipat is best visited from November to March of the year.

History of Sonipat

According to mythology, Sonipat happens to be one of the places demanded by the Pandavas from the Kauravas in exchange for the Kingdom of Hastinapur after returning from their first exile. Raja Soni was the last ruler of Haryana, before the entire region fell to the Mughals. After the fall of the Mughals, the British East India Company took control of the entire state, Haryana, and hence Sonipat to fell under the British governance. The year 1947, marked the beginning of Indian Independence and the end of the British era in the country. Sonipat remained part of Haryana state.

People & Culture of Sonipat   

Majority of the population follow Hindu religion while the rest are worship Jainism or Buddhism or Sikhism. Gujarati, English and Hindi are the languages spoken by the people in and around Sonipat, with Haryanvi being the local language.

Agriculture is one of the main occupations of the people of Sonipat

Food and Shopping at Sonipat

There are plenty of eateries and café joints in and around the Sonipat. Restaurants at Sonipat offers a wide range of cuisines both vegetarian and meat products to tourists. The traditional food of Sonipat consists of pure vegetarian dishes.

There are shopping complexes in and around Sonipat whose names are mentioned below

  • Parsvnath City Center Site
  • Old Housing Board Colony Shopping Center
  • Parker Mall
  • M K Plaza
  • Easy Day
  • HUDA Market Complex

Tourist Places in Sonipat

  • Vrindavan

Vrindavan is a pilgrimage place in Uttar Pradesh state. It is located at a distance of 195km from Sonipat.

  • Mathura

Mathura is also located in Uttar Pradesh state which is at a distance of 200km from Sonipat. There are many religious places, beautiful Palaces and rivers with amazing landscapes of interest.

  • Haridwar

Haridwar is a pilgrimage center in Uttaranchal state which is at a distance of 208 km from Sonipat. Apart from being a pilgrimage center there are wildlife sanctuaries and rivers with amazing landscapes of interest.

  • Dehradun

Dehradun is located in Uttaranchal state is famous for its Hill station. Dehradun is at a distance of 209km from Sonipat. There are plenty of temples with beautiful architectures, Buddhist Monastery, beautiful gardens and rivers with amazing landscapes of interest.

  • Chandigarh

Chandigarh is located in Punjab state and is at a distance of 209km from Sonipat. There are plenty of museums, lakes with amazing landscapes of interest, and structures with marvelous architectures.

Other places of interest near to Sonipat along with their distance from this place is mentioned below

  • Rishikesh
  • Bharatpur
  • Mussorie
  • Agra

Means of Commutation to Sonipat

Sonipat is well connected with the rest of the places in India through roadways, railways and airway. The distance of Sonipat from some of the cities in Haryana and neighboring states are given below

  • Delhi is located at a distance of 52km
  • Chandigarh is located at a distance of 211km
  • Jaipur is located at a distance of 295km
  • Kanpur is located at a distance of 477km
  • Lucknow is located at a distance of 533km

One can hire a taxi or use the city bus to travel within the town limits.

Delhi railway station is located at a distance of 46km from Sonipat and is the only closest railway station to Sonipat.

New Delhi airport is located at a distance of 50 km from Sonipat and the only closest airport to Sonipat. There are plenty of flights arriving and departing from Sonipat.

Accommodation Options at Sonipat

To cater to the growing influx of tourists and their accommodation needs there are four stars, three star hotels and resorts at Sonipat. The hotels and resorts have a 24 hour check in and out, and other amenities and the charge per room begin at Rs. 3000/- per day. There are also economy class hotels at Sonipat renting room on daily basis from Rs. 500/- onwards.

  • Kanak Garden Resort & Water – Park
  • Natraz Hotel
  • Hotel Bhoom
  • Sai Guest House & Hotel
  • Hotel Dewan Palace
  • Club Tivoli
  • Hotel Kuber
  • New Subash Guest House
  • Ethnic India Tourist Motel
  • Hotel Kuber
  • Aster Inn Hotel, New Delhi
  • Crowne Plaza New Delhi Rohini, New Delhi
  • The Leela Palace Kempinski, New Delhi
  • Gold Hotel, Panipat
  • Nirula’s Hotel, Panipat

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