Best Tourist Places in Sangla, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India

Best Tourist Places in Sangla, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India

Sangla is situated in Kinnaur district in Himachal Pradesh near Tibetan border that is engulfed by dense wooded forests, rivers, glaciers and mountain ridges. Sangla is also very well known for pine trees, deodhar trees, apple orchards and mini streams that form the major boost tourism in this part of the world. Sangla coordinates with 31.42’48” degree North Latitude and 78.26’61” degree East Longitude.

Major tourist attractions in and around Sangla:


Chitkul is located in Indo-Tibet border approx 20 kms from Sangla lying on the banks of river Baspa is renowned for the temple of goddess Chitkul Mata. Many tourists and locals visit the temple to obtain blessings of Chitkul Mata.

Baspa River:

Baspa river is one the largest rivers located in Sangla known for varieties of aqua creatures. Fishing and trekking form the other major attraction for the visitors coming to Sangla.

Kamru Fort:

Kamru fort is situated at a height of 2600 meters above sea level and approx 2 kms from Sangla valley built around 15th century. The tourists can have a magnificent view of the Sangla valley from top of the fort which also has a statue of the lord Buddha at the entrance of the fort and a temple dedicated to Kamakhya Devi.

Buddhist Monastery:

Sangla is also well known for Buddhist monastery which displays and preaches Buddhist inscriptions, teachings and culture. The monastery has statues and idols of lord Buddha and also houses many Buddhist monks. Another notable attraction include the 10 meter statue of standing Buddha which attracts many tourists from all parts of the country.

Bering Nag Temple:

This is another prominent temple located in Sangla which is dedicated to lord Jagas. The temple conducts annual fair during months of August and September where many locals as well as outsiders throng the shrine to witness the holy event.

Tibetan Wood Carving Center:

This is one of the most prolific sightseeing places in Sangla where one can notice the items made out of wood that is put up for public display as well as for sale. Many travelers throng the center to have the glimpse of the products that are available for sale.

Sangla Meadows:

This site is well known for its rivers, glaciers, streams and bound by lush greenery. The visitors can also view the snow capped mountain ranges of the Himalayas which is one of the most memorable and pleasant experience for many.

Great Himalayan National Park:

This is one of the major national parks situated in Himachal Pradesh which is a house for many endangered species of animals like Himalayan Yak, Indian Bison, Gaur, Cheetal, Wild Boars, Bears and reptiles like King Cobra, Phyton, Kraits, Russel Viper etc which can be spotted in their natural habitat. Safari rides are available for the tourists within the National Park to have a close glimpse of the animals.


Shimla is about 221 kms from Sangla well known for hill stations, trekking, skiing, honeymoon, rivers and windsurfing.


Mussoorie is situated 372 kms away from Sangla famous for hill stations, rivers, temples, holiday destinations and honeymoon.

Best Season to visit Sangla?

The best time to visit Sangla is from March to October where the climate remains moderate and permits the tourists to visit the place. Sangla experiences heavy snowfalls during months of winter as a result the tourists are not allowed to visit the region as a precautionary measure.

How to reach Sangla in Himachal Pradesh?

Sangla can be reached by taking the Indo-Tibetan National Highway 22 which lies at close proximity from Sangla. HPSRTC runs many buses from Sangla to Shimla and nearby towns on regular basis. Shimla is the nearest city that is connected well by rail and air modes of transport is about 221 kms from Sangla.

Hotels in Sangla:

There are quite many reputed hotels in Sangla catering to the accommodation requirements of the tourists visiting the place from time to time. Some of the best in class hotels offer various amenities and hosts of facilities like bed, breakfast, lunch, supper, broadband connection, room heaters, laundry services, doctors on call, emergency relief measures, undertake travel booking, set up help desk centers, 24 hrs enquiry counters, saloon, spa, sauna etc. Here is the list of some of the hotels located in and around Sangla are:

  • Hotel Marina
  • Hotel Bridgeview Regency
  • Hotel Sukh Sagar Regency
  • Hotel Moon International
  • Hotel Vaikunth
  • Hotel Chaman Palace
  • Hotel Shimla View
  • Hotel Varuna
  • Hotel Mayur
  • Hotel Ganga
  • Hotel Deogar
  • Hotel Hot Spring

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