Places to Visit in Narkanda, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Places to Visit in Narkanda, Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India

Narkanda is a town located in Shimla district in Himachal Pradesh and it is bound by hills and beautiful scenery. Narkanda is famed for Apple farming and apples from in and around the villages are exported to various countries. Narkanda is one of the major tourist attractions in Himachal Pradesh, it is located at an elevation of 8599 feet (2621 meters) above the sea level and surrounded by Ghumana, Mohan Village, Kumarsain, Sharwat, Virgarh, Kotgarh, and Ratnari regions and Narkanda is located at the distance of 60 Kms from capital city of Himachal Pradesh, Shimla. Pin code of Narkanda is 171213 and coordinates are 31.2700° N, 77.4500° E.

Tourism in Narkanda:

Narkanda is surrounded by hill stations and dense forests and it is one of the famous traveler hotspots in the Himalayan County and it is a site of delicate natural loveliness, and the town is bound by opaque forests. Narkanda is also surrounded by apple farms and tourists can enjoy various attraction and sites in and around the Narkanda and view of Himalayan Mountains from the Narkanda is one of the best things to do.

Places to Visit in Narkanda:

Kacheri: Kacheri is small village, which is located at the distance of 10 Kms from Narkanda and this site is famous for the antique Mahamaya Temple devoted to Goddess Kali and visited by numerous tourists.

Hatu Peak: it is the highest summit in Narkanda that presents the sight of the several snow capped peaks in the environs and it is also famed for trekking, and has a pond and temple, which makes it a major tourists destinations.

Srokes Farm: this farm is located at the distance of 9 Kms from Narkanda in Thanedhar village and this village is famed for production of Apples. Apples from this farm are exported to various countries.

St Mary’s Church: St Mary’s Church is situated at the distance of 12 Kms from Narkanda in Kotgarh village and it was built in 18th century, and this church is bound by hills and natural beauty.

Jakhu Temple: this temple is located at the distance of 61 Kms, in Shimla city, from Narkanda village, this temple is devoted to Lord Hanuman, this temple is located on the Jakhu Hills at an elevation of 2455 meters above the sea level and bound by dense forest and devotees can see the huge statue of Lord Hanuman.

Other interesting places to visit near Narkanda:

  • The Nature Park, Summer Hill
  • Palace of Maharaja Patiala
  • Gurkha Gate
  • Himalayan Nature Park in Kufri
  • Manorville Mansion
  • The Railway Board Building
  • Photo Art Gallery
  • Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex
  • Rothney Castle

Best Time to Visit Narkanda:

Narkanda is snow covered hill station, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh and tourists can visit this region throughout the year but the best time to visit Narkanda is between the months of October to March and April to June.

How to Reach Narkanda?

By Air: nearest airport to Narkanda is Shimla Airport is located at the distance of 66 Kms and this is one of the major airport in Himachal Pradesh and connects to Delhi city and Delhi is the major airport, which is located at the distance of 400 Kms from Shimla and it is one of the major airports in India, which is well connected to all the cities in India and world.

By Train: the nearest railway station is Shimla Railway Station located at the distance of 62 Kms from Narkanda town and Shimla railway station connects to various cities and towns in the country.

By Road: National Highway 22 passes from Shimla connects to Narkanda town and government and private vehicles ply from Shimla to Narkanda town frequently.

Where to Dine and Stay in Narkanda?  

Narkanda is small village located next to Shivalik Hill station and bound by dense forests in Himachal Pradesh. Hotels in Narkanda are classified into budget, deluxe and luxury, budget hotels cost from Rs. 700 to 1,000 and deluxe hotels cost from Rs. 1,000 to 2,500 and luxury hotels range from 2,500 and above per night. Budget and deluxe hotels offer all the basic amenities and luxury hotels offers health clubs, 24-hour internet connectivity and satellite television facilities and much more facilities. Some of the prominent hotels in Narkanda are listed below:

  • Hotel Mahamaya Palace
  • Bushahr Regency
  • The Hatu
  • Agyaat Vaas
  • The Wilderness
  • Narkanda Camp Resort
  • Tethys Narkanda Resort
  • Circuit House
  • Tethys at Narkanda Resort
  • Apple Tree Cottage
  • Cross Roads Resort
  • HPPWD Rest House
  • Apple Quest Hotel
  • Aikanta Vatika
  • The Roam Way Home

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