Best Tourist Places in Siwan, Bihar, India

Best Tourist Places in Siwan, Bihar, India

Siwan is a conurbation in Bihar, India with numerous widespread vacationers’ fascinations. This place proffers specific spots of chronological and spiritual prominence. The tourists can stopover Amarpur is a hamlet positioned 3 km Westside of Darauli. In this parish one can find remnants of a mosque that was made out of red bricks on the basin of the River Ghaghara that are still accessible.

History of Siwan

The word Siwan literally means border in the language of Bhojpuri. In the earlier times Siwan used to be the southern margin of Greater Nepal and thus it was entitled as Siwan. In the year 1972 the ground work of Siwan was put down by Bandh Raja and reined over this region until the invasion of Babar. It is believed that Siwan was a section under the Banaras realm prior to the incursion of the Muslim leaders. In the later period Sikandar Lodi incorporated this region in his territory. Subsequently to the combat of Buxar in the year 1765 it converted into a fragment of Bengal. Siwan played a significant part in 1857 freedom measure.

Tourist Attractions in Siwan


Darauli was previously termed as Daras Ali and then given another name as Darauli. It is recognized to be instituted after the forename of the elder child of the Mughal Sovereign Shahjahan, Dara Shikoh. There is a resilient impression of the Mughal principles in the fragments of the site. A vast fair is arranged each time on the period of Kartik Poornima in the months of November or December.


Amarpur parish is positioned just about 3 Km from Darauli. Amarpur is a minor hamlet renowned for a Mosque that was constructed in the course of the decree of Emperor Shahjahan, but the structure was left fragmentary. The parish got its first name after the forename of the creator of the Mosque Naib Amar Singh. Currently the mosque is in comprehensive remnants and the fragments can be perceived on the basin of the river Ghaghara.


It is the principal marketplace of the region. Maharajganj has been the witness to the battle amongst Shri Phulena Prasad and the Britishers. This marketplace functions as chief magnetism amongst the residents and the travelers to gratify their need for shopping.


Don is a minor township in the vicinity of Darauli. The myth verves that there is an association amongst the stronghold positioned here that is at present in remnants and the Guru Dronacharya, the respected tutor of both Kauravas and Pandvas in the Mahabharata.


Hasanpura is a minor parish in the Hussainganj Block. Hasanpura is prominent for an Arabian Saint Makhdum Hasan Chisti who emanated and resided in this place. A Khan Khah is placed in this region which was established by him.


Lakri Dargah is a very important abode of spiritual awareness for the Muslims. The parish has descended its title from the brilliant carpentry done in the catacomb of the Islamic saint Shah Arjan. Myth has it that after getting engrossed with the serenity of this place the saint constructed a spiritual foundation at this site. The death commemoration of the saint is distinguished each time and is swamped by a huge multitude.

Best season to visit  Siwan

The best time to visit Siwan is during the months of October to March. The summers are soaring hot. During the monsoon season there is heavy rainfall which makes the region look more splendid. The climate in the winter season is very pleasant and fairly cold. It is the best time for tourists to visit Siwan.

Accessibility in Siwan

By Air: The nearest aerodrome is Lok Nayak Jayaprakash Airport at Patna just about 140 km from the city. One can hire a cab from airport or get into a local transport to reach the destination.

By Road: Siwan has a well-constructed road network that connects the city to major cities in and around Bihar. Distances from some cities are:

  • Muzzafarpur 119 km
  • Gorakhpur 133 km
  • Patna 140 km
  • Buxar 142 km
  • Ara 200 km
  • Varanasi 230 km
  • Lucknow 383 km
  • Kanpur 485 km

By Train: Siwan is the chief railhead and is connected to the major cities across India. It connects the city to both the northern and southern parts of the country. One can hire a cab from station or get into a local transport to reach the destination.


Accommodations in Siwan

Siwan has some fine well-known hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels afford many amenities and the fares contrast from hotel to hotel. Many hotels undertake advanced booking and reservation for safe and satisfied stay of the vacationers. List of hotels in Siwan are as follows:

  • Amrapali Hotel
  • Hotel Manish
  • Shree Nandan
  • Siwan International
  • Hotel Baibhaw
  • Shanti Niwas Hotel
  • Krishna Hotel
  • Hotel Kailash
  • Krishna Lodge
  • Ashoka Hotel & Restaurant
  • Hotel Ramdoot
  • Renuka Inn
  • Indralok Hotel
  • Hotel laxmi
  • Shere Punjab Line Hotel
  • Prasad Motal Cum Hotel
  • Hotel Coffee House

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