Chitwan Tourist Places in Chitwan, Nepal

Chitwan Tourist Places, Nepal

Chitwan is a district in Nepal and it is the fifth biggest city of Nepal and this region was named after the Chitwan Valley located on the foothills of Himalayan Mountains. Populace of this region depend on the agriculture for their livelihood and various prominent educational institutions are sited in Chitwan region. Chitwan is bound by Kathmandu on North, Gorakhpur on South, Butwal on West, Hetauda on East, Musahri on South East and Birgunj. Chitwan is located at the distance of 175 Kms from Kathmandu, capital city of Nepal. Pin code of Chitwan is 44200 and coordinates are 27.5833° N, 84.5000° E.

Tourism in Chitwan:

Chitwan is one of the major tourists destinations in Nepal and tourists from various places visit this valley to enjoy the various natural charms and tourists can come across numerous rare wild animals, lakes, flora and birds and it is located close to the India border and tourists from India also visit this National Park. Chitwan is a collection of culture, tradition, dresses, and foods where populace from a various surroundings exhibit authentic mutual harmony and handicrafts in this region is very famous and tourists visit this region to buy various to cloths and Handicrafts.

Places to Visit in Chitwan:

Chitwan National Park: this park is located in Nepal at the distance of 275 Kms from Gorakhpur and 180 Kms from Bettiah which is located close to Chitwan National Park and this National Park is home to numerous flora and fauna and numerous tourists visit this park throughout the year and main attraction of this park is one horned Rhinoceros and tourists can come across various endangered species as well.

Valmiki National Park: this park is located in India and from Chitwan National Park it is 150 Kms next to Chitwan National Park but divided by border. This national park is located in Bihar state, Champaran district and this is the second biggest national park in Bihar, where tourists can see Tigers, and bound by flora and fauna.

Valmiki Ashram: this ashram is situated at the border of India and Nepal, at the distance of 150 Kms from Chitwan and this is one of the scared place for the Hindus, as this region is where Goddess Sita use to live and it is believed that Luv and Kush born at this place and Makar Sankranti is celebrated in full splendid.

Bawan Garhi: this is one of the tourists destinations near Chitwan, located at the distance of 175 Kms from Chitwan district and Bawani Garhi is famed from its 52 forts located in Bihar and also referred as Tripan Bazar.

Things to do in Chitwan:

  • Bishajari Tal
  • Canoeing
  • Elephant Rides
  • Gharial Breeding Centre
  • Hiking
  • Jeep safaris
  • Tharu Villages and Tharu Stick Dance
  • Walking tours

Best Time to Visit Chitwan:

Chitwan is located close to Himalayan Mountains and surrounded by the forest range and climate will be moderate throughout the year and tourists can visit Chitwan throughout the year.

How to Reach Chitwan?

By Air: the nearest Airport to Chitwan is Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is located at the distance of 175 Kms from Chitwan. Kathmandu airport is connects from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata cities. If tourists prefer to stay in India, Gorakhpur Airport is the nearest airport, located at the distance of 250 Kms to border of Nepal.

By Train: Harinagar Railway Station is located in Pashchim Champaran, Bihar and this railway station connects to various cities in India and tourists can hire a hotels and resort in Harinagar and from Harinagar Chitwan is located at the distance of 200 Kms.

By Road: National Highway 28A connects to Nepal border and to Birgunj City of Nepal State and from here tourists can reach Chitwan National Park and tourists can hire a guide and book a vehicle to reach this Park.

Hotels in or and Chitwan:

Chitwan is famous for Chitwan National Park and it is located on the India and Nepal border next to Valmiki Wildlife Sanctuary. Tourists can get hotels in Nepal as well in India border and these hotels may cost from Rs. 500 to Rs. 6,000 and above and offers good facilities and hospitality. Some of the prominent Hotels in India and Nepal are listed below:

Hotels in India, close to Nepal Border, from these tourists can easily reach to Chitwan National Park, it is located at the distance of 100 Kms.

  • Dada ka Hotel
  • Shalimar Hotel
  • Vaishnaw Hotel
  • Hotel Shanti International
  • Hotel Krishan
  • Hotel Shubh Laxmi
  • Hotel Amrapali
  • Hotel Bharat Jalpan
  • Hotel Delhi Darbar

Hotels which are located in Chitwan National Park Nepal are listed below:

  • Hotel Park Side
  • Chitwan Safari Camp and Lodge
  • Hotel Rainforest
  • Rhino Lodge & Hotel
  • Chitwan Village Resort
  • Jungle Nepal Resort
  • Hotel Wildlife Camp
  • Hotel Monalisa
  • Rhino Residency Resort
  • Hotel Rainbow

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