Satara Tourist Places in Satara, Maharashtra, India

Satara Tourist Places in Satara, Maharashtra, India

Satara is a metropolis in Maharashtra, India. The city is surrounded by seven knolls on all the sections and hence it is titled as Satara. It is famed as the two huge rivulets specifically the Veena and Krishna instigated from the Mahabaleshwar gather collectively at Kshetra Mahuli. The convergence at Mahuli has numerous narratives recollection of primordial account. This metropolis is flamboyant with vast natural world and a serene and calm site for the passive livelihood. Satara is a vacationer’s enchantment with appealing picturesque splendor. The stunning lakes as well as streaming cascades make the spot a truly favored landmark. Natural world trips in Satara are an indispensable element of sightseeing in Satara. The whole vicinity is the domicile of earliest shrines with sandstone statuettes.

History of Satara

Satara was initially controlled by the Rashtrakuta reign. Later it was ruled by the Chalulya kingdom, which was followed by the Mauryan Empire. During the 17th century, a period subsequent to the Muslim incursion Satara was the abode to the Maratha Empire. The Third Anglo-Maratha War took place wherein the British took possession of the province of Satara and allocated it to King Pratap Singh for the continuation of the city. In later days Satara incorporated into a section of the Bombay Presidency.

Tourist Attractions in and around Satara


Karad is one of the most significant cities in Maharashtra that is positioned just around 50 km from Satara town. Karad proffers an overabundance of landmarks like shrines, castles, knolls, masjids and minarets. The most renowned ones are the Devi Krishnamai Shrine, Sadashivgad Fortification, Priti Sangam, Buddhist Rock Cut Caverns, Karad Masjid etc.



Panchgani is a knoll posting located in the Krishna Vale of Satara District in Maharashtra. Positioned just about 49 km from Satara town the vale of Panchgani lies at an elevation of 1334 meters above sea level. Panchgani gained its title followed by the five hills contiguous the region. Panchgani presents a patent outlook of River Krishna and the shore lines on its adjacent sides.



Mahuli is a pilgrim site positioned in Satara District of Maharashtra just about 6 km from Satara City. Mahuli lies at the convention summit of the rivulets Venna and Krishna. It is prominent for its shrines like the Mangalagauri shrine and numerous ghats. One can find the remnants of the antique shrines at various sites in Mahuli.


Aundh is positioned just about 30 km away from Satara City of Maharashtra. Aundh is legendary for its Yamai Devi shrine and Shri Bhavani Gallery. Yamai Devi shrine is a prehistoric sanctuary constructed on a summit. Shri Bhavani gallery has in excess of 8000 imperial pieces in its compilation and was recognized by the previous sovereign of Aundh- Shri Bhagwanrao Pantapratinidhi.


Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary                     

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the natural world landmarks in Maharashtra. It is positioned in the west section of Satara District just around 70 km away from Satara City. Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary extends over 420 sq km of the vicinity and comprises the East and West sections of the Koyna Dam.

Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary that was created in the year 1985 is abode to varied genus of natural world such as brown capped woodpeckers, goshawks, mouse deer, gaur, sloth bears, sambar dhole dogs, tigers, cobras, long tailed nightjars, fairy bluebirds, panthers, giant squirrels, barking deer, otters, common langurs, pythons etc.

Places of attraction in and around Satara

  • Shirdi
  • Wai
  • Koteshwar Mandir
  • Sajjangarh Fort
  • Pandavgad Fort
  • Thosegarh
  • Vasota Fort
  • Mayani Bird Sanctuary
  • Kaas Plateau
  • Shani Shingnapur
  • Tapola

Best season to visit Satara

The best time to visit Satara is during the months of June to February. The summers are very hot and temperatures rise very high. During the monsoon season the rainfall makes place look even more stunning. The climate in the winter season is very pleasant. Both the seasons are good for tourists visiting Satara.

Accessibility to Satara

By Road: Satara is positioned on the Pune-Bangalore Highway. Public and private buses are accessible from Pune, Mumbai, Aundh and Aurangabad to this place.

By Train:  The Satara railhead gets numerous trains from all the major cities across India. It connects the city to both the northern and southern parts of the country.

By Air: The nearest airdrome to Satara is at Pune just around 123 km from the city. It gets direct flights from all the major cities across the country.


Accommodations in Satara

Satara is renowned tourist destination in Maharashtra. It has some fine celebrated hotels, resorts, guest houses and lodges. The hotels provide several facilities and the tariffs differ from hotel to hotel. Some of the hotels in Satara are listed here below.

  • Hotel Radhika Palace
  • Hotel Rajtara
  • Hotel Lake View
  • Hotel Mahendra Executive
  • Girivihar Hotel
  • Hotel Aakar International
  • Sagar Deluxe Hotel
  • Hotel Suruban
  • Pooja Residency
  • Hotel Maratha Palace
  • Shreyas Hotel
  • Shriman Hotel
  • Hotel Niky Bunts
  • Sayali Hotel

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