Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, India

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, Karnataka, India

Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka is located in between Chikamagalur and Shimoga districts. A place known for its lush green serene beauty and is one of the famous tourist spots surrounded by Western Ghat mountain ranges. Hebbegiri, Mullaianagiri, Babaudangiri and Gangegiri hills encircle this Sanctuary. The water of the Bhadra’s stream is also found that is used by the wild animals of the sanctuary.

The Origin 

The Sanctuary covers an area of about 492 sq. kms. Located around 270 kms north of Bangalore it was declared as Jagara Valley Game Reserve in the year 1951 by Government of Mysore. Later in the year 1974 it came to be called as Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and in the year 1998 it was affirmed as the 25th Project Tiger of the country.

Salient Features 

Plan your trip to Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary to explore a wide range of flora and fauna. It holds the highest peak called the Kallahathigiri, which is about 1872 m in height. You can also take a round in the beautiful Jagara village adjacent to the sanctuary.

The Flora 

You find variety of trees of about 122 species that include Rosewood, Teak, Kindal, Nandi, Mathi, Tadasalu, Honne, Bamboo etc.  Medicinal plants are also found here. Moist and deciduous forests are part of the sanctuary’s greenery. Green vegetation grown on the slopes of snooty hills forms an interesting beautiful sight.

The Fauna 

You get to see wild and giant animals like the Elephants, Tigers, Jackals, Leopards, Sloth Bears, Spotted Deers, Sambar, Barking Deer, Wild Boar, Mouse Deer, Bonnet Macaque, Langur, Gaur, Slender Loris and many other exclusive species.

Reptiles like King Cobra, Vine Snake, Common Cobra, Bamboo Pit Viper, Common Wolf Snake, Russell’s viper, Rat Snake, Gliding Lizard, Common Indian Monitor and Marsh Crocodiles are found here.

Exclusive species of birds like the Red Spur fowl, Painted Bush Quail, Grey Jungle fowl, Southern Green Imperial Pigeon, Emerald Dove, Malabar Parakeet, Great Black Woodpecker, the Ruby-throated Bulbul, the Hill Myna, Hornbill, Whistling Thrush Racquet-tailed Drongo and many more. You also get to watch beautiful and colorful butterflies that enrich the beauty of sanctuary and one can find species of Crimson Roses, Yam Flies, and Southern Bird wings, Baronets, Bamboo Tree Browns, Tailed Jays, Blue Pansies and Great Orange Tips.

Tourist Attractions 

One can enjoy the boat ride to small islands present within the Sanctuary. People who love adventure should not be missing the jungle safari.

Time to visit

Ideal time to visit is during October and February.

Reaching Route 

By air: Mangalore Airport is the nearest that is about 177 kms and Bangalore Airport of about 273 km far.

By rail:  Kadur railway station is the nearest, which is about 36 kms far from destination.

On road:  You can find private and government buses from the city of Chikamagalur, just 28 kms far.

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