Caviahue Tourist Places to Visit in Caviahue, Argentina, America

Caviahue Tourist Places to Visit in Caviahue, Argentina, America

Caviahue is a village and a ski resort situated in Caviahue-Copahue municipality in the Neuquén Province of Argentina. It is situated about 350 km away from Neuquén city and 1500 km from the national capital, Buenos Aires. The famous ski trails are placed four km east of Argentina-Chile border and its base 2 km west of Caviahue village.

Caviahue is one of the best tourist attractions of the Argentina drawing a large number of tourists during the dry months of the years. The Caviahue ski field offers alpine skiing, snowboarding, snowmobiles, cross-country skiing and snowshoe trekking. Caviahue also boasts plenty of world class hotels and restaurants.


Geography of Caviahue:

The village of Caviahue is positioned on the shores of Lake Agrio (Lake Caviahue) at an altitude of 1308 meters and its coordinates are 37°52′ S 71°05′ W.


How to reach Caviahue?

Caviahue has its own airport used for domestic and charter flights, located around 6 km away from the midpoint of the village.

Due to visit of the large number of tourists, there are many private companies offering bus services from the major cities of the country including capita, Buenos Aires to Caviahue.

Other than buses and minivans, tourist can also rent a scooter, bicycle or luxury car for local travel and it can be rented at any of the local travel agencies of Caviahue and in addition there are major hotels to arrange car and bike for local commutation.


Food and Shopping in Caviahue:

Caviahue houses many standard bars and restaurants as well as plenty of upgraded shops with the latest and branded products and the major food corners in Caviahue are:

  • Restaurante Quine
  • Manolo’s pizzeria y pastas
  • Lo de Naty
  • RosaLeda Taberna


Things to do in Caviahue:

  • Snowboarding
  • Snowmobiles
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Caterpillar track vehicle trip
  • Alpine skiing
  • Snowshoe treks


Places of interest in Caviahue:

Caviahue ski fields:

The ski field of Caviahue is one of the best in South America offering different activities such as snowboarding, alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and snowshoe trekking.

Cascada del Rio Agrio:

Cascada del Rio Agrio is a gorgeous 45 meter waterfall and is situated few kilometers away from the village centre. Tourists can explore it through guided tours.


Lake Agrio:

Lake Agrio also called as Lake Caviahue is a spectacular lake adjoining the Caviahue. It is good to visit during afternoon.


Other places of interest in Caviahue include:

  • Termas de Copahue
  • Caviahue
  • Lago Espejo Chico
  • Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes
  • Museo Municipal Ernesto Bachmann
  • Lago Espejo Grande
  • Volcan Dumuyo
  • Lago Barreales Paleontological Centre
  • Portal Patagonia


Best time to visit Caviahue:

Generally the months of dry season will be best to visit Caviahue to enjoy different skiing activities.


Accommodation options in Caviahue:

Caviahue is a typical location housing all kinds accommodation centres such as villas, hotels, hostels, cottages with latest amenities and services including bathrooms with tub, individual heating radiators, heated pool and spa, satellite television, digital safe, hair dryers, maid service, laundry, refrigerator, guest kitchen, breakfast, recreation rooms for games and microwave. Other than facilities and services, the hotels of Caviahue also offer authentic and yummy Argentinean delicate soups. Most of the hotels offer advance booking facility for visitors’ convenience. The prominent hotels and villas in Caviahue are listed below:

  • Melewe Apart Hotel
  • Hosteria Kallfu
  • Hotel Spa – Nieves Del Cerro
  • Hosteria Quine
  • RucaPehuen Eco-Lodge de montana
  • Apart Hotel Lago Caviahue
  • Farallon Hotel
  • Oriplata Hotel
  • Hotel Arquimedes
  • Pire Pillan
  • Complejo Kaime
  • Aike Cabanas
  • Hosteria de Alta Montana Kallfu
  • Hosteria del Sauquen
  • Hotel y Cabanas Del Nevado

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