Best Tourist Places to Visit in Montserrat, America

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Montserrat, America

Montserrat is an island as well as an overseas territory of British situated in Caribbean at 16°45′ N 62°12′ W. It measures a length of 16 kms and width of 11 kms, with a total area of 102 sq. km. Plymouth is the de jure capital and Brades is the de facto capital, English is the official language and East Caribbean dollar is the currency of Montserrat.

Montserrat is situated about 48 kms from Antigua and 480 kms from Puerto Rico. It is divided into 3 parishes such as Saint Peter Parish, Saint Georges Parish and Saint Anthony Parish.

The major settlements of Montserrat are listed below:

  • Baker Hill
  • Flemmings
  • Fogarty
  • Mongo Hill
  • New Windward
  • Jack Boy Hill


History of Montserrat:                                      

Montserrat became the territory of the English in 1632. On 18 July 1995, most part of Montserrat, specifically, the capital city Plymouth was damaged heavily by the dormant Soufriere Hills volcano. Currently redevelopment programs are under progress.


How to reach Montserrat?

Montserrat is currently served by John A. Osborne Airport, situated in the vicinity of village, Gerald’s, served by FlyMontserrat, SVG Air, Trans Anguilla Airways and Winair with scheduled and charter flights to and from Antigua, Sint Maarten, Sint Eustatius, Sint Maarten, Tortola, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Kitts, Saint Lucia and many other Caribbean locations.

Boat connection is limited, only with Antigua. The options for local travel include rental bicycles, cars, taxis and minibuses.


Culture, Food and Shopping in Montserrat:

Saint Patrick’s Day is one of the major events celebrated in Montserrat. Also Montserrat is home to the Montserrat Cultural Centre, and the National Museum which showcases the rich history and culture of Montserrat.

Montserrat houses all the kinds of shops including traditional handicrafts, jewels and perfumes and the famous food corners in Montserrat are as follows:

  • Ponts Beach View
  • Olveston House
  • The People’s Place
  • Gourmet Gardens
  • Bunkum Bay Beach Bar


Things to do in Montserrat:

  • Green Monkey Dive
  • Scuba Montserrat
  • Duberry-Cassava Trail


Places of interest in Montserrat:

Montserrat Cultural Centre:

The Montserrat Cultural Centre is one of the prime attractions of Montserrat, is an ideal place to know the history and culture of Montserrat and it is also the site for major cultural events such as  Calabash Festival and Early Childhood Exhibition.


Sturge Park:

Sturge Park is a cricket ground located in the proximity of the former Plymouth city. It was initially constructed in 1925 and is used for many first-class matches played between Montserrat cricket team and many other Caribbean teams. In 1997, Sturge Park was strongly damaged by Soufriere Hills Eruption.


National Museum:

National Museum is maintained by the Montserrat National Trust, built in 2012. It was constructed to protect historical and natural heritage of Montserrat.


Other places of interest near Montserrat are:

  • Soufriere Hills Volcano
  • Rendezvous Beach
  • Montserrat Volcano Observatory
  • Jack Boy Hill Viewing Facility
  • Oriole Walkway Trail
  • Cot Trail
  • Oriole Complex
  • Blackwood Allen Trail
  • Runaway Ghaut Trail
  • Rendezvous Circle Trail
  • Davy Hill
  • Plymouth
  • Happy Hill
  • Jack Boy Hill
  • Katy Hill


Best time to visit Montserrat:

The months of dry season will be ideal time to travel the island of Montserrat.


Accommodation options in Montserrat:

Montserrat houses all sorts of accommodation centers such as guest houses, resorts, villas, bed and breakfast, hotels and service apartments. Here is the list of prominent accommodation centres in Montserrat:

  • Bunkum Beach Guest House
  • Essence Guesthouse
  • Olveston House
  • Erindell Villa Guest House
  • Miles Away Villa Resort
  • Green Monkey Inn & Dive Shop
  • Grand View Bed & Breakfast
  • Gingerbread Hill
  • Tropical Mansion Suites
  • Turtle Bay Apartments
  • Diver’s Haven
  • Hot Rock Hostel
  • Mango Grove
  • MacZel Apartment
  • Montserrat Villa
  • Villa Tropicasa

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