Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kristiansund, Norway, Europe

Best Tourist Places to Visit in Kristiansund, Norway, Europe

Kristiansund is situated in the western coast of Norway in the Nordmore district in the county of More og Romsdal. Kristiansund is renowned city in the western part of the country covering a total area of 87.54 square kilometers (33.80 square miles) and surrounded by water and forest region which makes the city pleasant to visit and also surrounded by small islands.

Kristiansund is bounded by lnniandet, Skorpa, Nordlandet, Bremsnes, Teistholmen, Averoy and Rensvik and situated at the distance of 570 kilometers from Oslo, capital of Norway. Coordinates of Kristiansund are 63.1103° N, 7.7278° E.


History of Kristiansund:

As per the historians, it is believed that the Kristiansund region was occupied from last Ice Age due to the abundance of food in and around the region. Many battles were fought in and around Kristiansund during the Viking era and most prominent battle was Battle of Rastarkalv. During the middle age the region developed by the fishing community and permanent settlement was established around 17th century near Kristiansund harbor.


What to see in Kristiansund?

Grønningen Lighthouse:

Grønningen Lighthouse is situated around 5 kilometers from middle of the town was constructed in 1878 and became a heritage building in the year 1994 and the lighthouse is open for visitors during the summer season.


The Norwegian Split Cod Museum:

The Norwegian Split Cod Museum is one of the main trading centers of split cod (clipfish) and cod are exported to countries like Southern Europe, Argentina and Brazil and tourists can view the process of split cod.


Kvernes Stave Church:

Kvernes Stave Church is placed at the distance of 25 kilometers from heart of the city on the Island of Averoy is a gorgeous medieval stave church and the church is known for its historical importance, religion and wealth.


Other Places to Visit in Kristiansund:

  • Kvernes Rural Museum
  • Aursjøvegen Mountain Road
  • Sunndalen
  • Todalen
  • Vinnufjellfossen Waterfall
  • Mardalsfossen Waterfall


Best time to visit Kristiansund:

Kristiansund climate is classified as a maritime temperate climate with cool to warm summers from June to September and cool winter from November to March and best time to visit Kristiansund is from June to September.


Transportation System in Kristiansund:

By Air:

Kristiansund is served by Kristiansund Airport placed at the distance of 8 kilometers from heart of the city in Kvernberget vicinity is a small international airport serves with flights to Aberdeen, Stavanger, Antalya, Split, Bergen, Florø, Kristiansand-Kjevik, Molde, Stavanger and few other cities in Norway and Europe.


By Road:

Kristiansund is linked through national highway and the city receives numerous buses that are operated by Norway Bus Express to and from Oslo, Oppdal and Trondheim cities and normal buses from few neighboring cities.


By Sea:

Kristiansund harbor is one of the main harbors in Norway and the port functions scheduled ship services to and from Hurtigruten, Trondheim, Molde, Bergen and Kirkenes.


Accommodation in Kristiansund:

Tourists can find lots of hotels located in Kristiansund providing best staying accommodation amenities to the tourists visiting the region. Tourists can book the hotels well in advance prior to visiting the city during peak and holiday seasons since finding accommodation during this point of time is quite difficult. They can select a hotel of their choice, need and budget and can stay for short as well as long duration and hotel rooms in the Kristiansund will cost from $ 25 to $ 350 and above per day. List of some of the hotels in Kristiansund is as follows:

  • Astoria Hotel
  • Quality Hotel Grand Kristiansund
  • Sveggvika Guesthouse
  • Rica Hotel Kristiansund
  • Thon Hotel Kristiansund
  • Comfort Hotel Fosna
  • Sjøgarden Fritid og Bad
  • Hotell Kristiansund
  • Vikaneset Havhotell
  • Atlanten Turistsenter
  • Håholmen Havstuer
  • Townhouse Lysø 632.1 Averøy
  • Townhouse Or 653.1 Frei

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