Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Yerevan, Armenia, Asia

Beautiful Tourist Places to Visit in Yerevan, Armenia, Asia

Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia. Yerevan is positioned in the Araratian Plain and the stunning sight of the peak Arart serves its tranquillest all over the city. Yerevan spreads across the area of 227 sq. km. the edifices in the city were premeditated so that Peak Ararat should be sighted from all the structures. Yerevan is proclaimed for its fresh water, generous populace and the magnificent site of Ararat.

Erebuni Fortress

The Erebuni citadel was an Urartuan stranglehold and was established in the later years of 8th century B.C. by the then sovereign Argishti I. Positioned in the vicinity of the Yerevan city, it houses the conspicuous archaeological remnants that are an admirable memento that the lively capital of Armenia has been incessantly populated by its denizens for continuous three decades.


One can find the remnants of Urartuan stronghold that was discovered in 7th century BC it is positioned on the knoll side of Karmir-Blur the inhabited vicinity in south of Yerevan. exhumes have revealed a diversity of configurations that reveals the stage of progression of Urartuan society together with a grand castle, wine stellar containers, private quarters and confirmation of an developed  civilization.

Genocide Memorial

In the year 1915 Ottoman Turks prearranged the eradication of all Armenians existing in the domain. The eradication of the Armenians had been premeditated cautiously so that it would not be perceived.

Avan Cathedral

Avan Cathedral is positioned in Yerevan and was constructed by regulate of Catholics John. The quadrate work that lies on the spherical margin that is held by masts and encompassed of spherical compartments is emblazoned in a quadrilateral made up of enormous peripheral ramparts. It is the most primitive paradigm of its kind and while still mirroring the prior designs at its western access. Steles and khachkars are also found amongst afterward medieval testimonials in Avan.

St. Hovhannes-Mkrtich Church

St. Hovhannes-Mkrtich Church was constructed in the year 1710 on the crest of a knoll in the Kond district of Yerevan where a medieval cathedral once located ahead of being damaged by a seismic activity. This cathedral is of basilica technique. In contemporary period the designer Rafael Israelian drew the interest of Catholicos Vazgen I to a ground plan for renovation of the church.

Places of interest in and around Yerevan

  • Saint Zoravor Church
  • Blue Mosque
  • Saint Hakob Church
  • Saint Gregory the Illuminator Cathedral
  • Synagogue
  • Evangelical Church
  • Food Market
  • Church of the Holy Trinity

Best season to visit Yerevan

The best season to visit is during the months of September to May. The summers are very hot and during the winter season there is heavy snowfall with inconsolable cold.

Accessibility in Yerevan

By air: Zvartnots International Airport positioned on the peripheral of Yerevan and Shirak Airport in Gyumri gets flights from all around the globe.

Accommodation in Yerevan

Yerevan city hosts numerous deluxe hotels and resorts exclusively designed for utmost comfort of the guests.  The hotels are arid with natural lightening and gorgeous ethnical ornamentation in each and every chamber. The facilities offered by the hotels include pub, bar, room heaters, spa and so on and some of the hotels in Yerevan are listed below.

  • Hotel Meg
  • Marriott Armenia Hotel Yerevan
  • BEST WESTERN Congress Hotel
  • Areg Hotel
  • AUA Barsam Suites
  • Ani Plaza Hotel
  • Best Eastern Hotel Valensia
  • Shirak Hotel
  • Hotel Olympia
  • Yerevan Deluxe Hotel

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