Arambol Beach in Goa, India

 Arambol Beach – Goa, India

Arambol Beach Goa

Arambol Beach is found a few kilometers away from the city of Mapusa in northern Goa.  It is 35 kilometers from Panaji, Goa’s state capital, via the NH 66. The international airport is 59.2 kilometers away. It is just north of the Mandrem beach. This beach is one among the attractive beaches in Goa than the Vagator, Anjuna and Palolem. The beach calls in many international tourists mainly in the months of December January and February. This beach almost stays private all the times and you will hardly come across anything more than cliffs and rocks all the way through the beach. The main attraction of this place is untouched and you can spend hours together in watching the waves thriving on the boulders.

Arambol Beach Goa

The beach is relatively less crowded which allows you to enjoy a peaceful holiday. There are no water sports organizing guys who bog you down to take the best deal. There is a sunset drum circle mostly dominated by foreigners who play Jimba. The music is to die for and you can’t stop tapping your feet to the tunes if you are high.

The stay at Arambol is still cheap as compared to other beaches in Goa. You can get a hut on the beach for Rs 600 to Rs 1000 and believe me sea water is just a stone’s throw away from the huts.


The Sea is wonderfully in perfect level and the seabed makes it an ideal place for swimming. The foremost pull of the beach is definitely going to be the hot water spring that is close to a fresh water lake. And this is mainly due to the fact of topography and on high salt content; this is the main attraction to a lot of tourists including the locals. Particularly on Sundays, this place turns into a picnic spot. And there is a belief that the spring water has medicinal belongings that are mainly good for the skin. The major segment of the beach, is well known as the Harma, and is usually quite crowded.

Arambol Beach Goa

The inferior part of the beach is still more private and is only scattered by cliffs on both sides. It is considered as a place of calm and silence and you end up with the feel that you are away from the rest of the world. This is the place where the hawkers and vendors come weekly to sell their things. The local shops selling clothes, every day fundamentals, scrap jewels etc are all lined away from the beach. If you want to go out for a swim and is unwilling to go into the sea, you make a move towards the fresh water pools close by, which is the mostly liked for swimming and the nearby cliffs are used for paragliding. There is a hill close by and the sight of the sea from the top makes a fantastic view of the whole stretch from Morjim to Arambol.

Arambol Beach Goa

Hotels and stay:

You can’t find much when it comes to accommodation apart from one or two guesthouses or cottages. Firmly, this beach does not have lots of hotels or cottages and it is better that you stay near to Calangute or Anjuna beach. In addition to this there are resorts coming up in the surrounding area like the Famafa Beach Resort and also Hotel Santa Maria. The rooms over here are inexpensive but you may not get all the things that you may demand for. Nevertheless, the total beauty of this place without difficulty compensates rest of the problems. And in fact, it is the lack of urbanization and lavishness that gives this place still an old world charm.


The simplest way of reaching this beach is by a bus from Mapusa, Arambol or from Chopdem. And it takes about 40 minutes to reach the beach. You can take boats to Anjuna. And if you really want to visit different places in order to check out the local traditions, then your best option would be the bike that is gives for rent by the native at very low-price.

Best Time to Visit :

The winter season, between November and February, is the best time to visit Arambol. It is pleasant this time of the year. There is paragliding this time of the year. The monsoon is too risky for paragliding because of the high winds and the chance of sudden rains. The summer can be too harsh. Besides, everything shuts down almost completely at other times of the year. Most beach shacks at Arambol are open only during the peak winter months, which is almost like the only season here.

Arambol Beach Goa

How to Reach?

  •  By Air — The Dabolim airport is 59.2 kms from Arambol. First take the NH566, then proceed to the NH366, proceed to the NH66, the Duler-Marna-Siolim Road, and finally the Querim–Arambol–Agarwada Road to reach Arambol. The airport is connected by many Indian and international airlines.
  •  By Rail — The closest railhead is Pernem, which is 16.8 kms away. The Thivim railway station is at a distance of 26.8 kms.
  •  By Road — The state capital Panaji is 35.5 kms from Arambol.

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