Top Tourist Places to Visit in Ashtarak, Armenia, Asia

Top Tourist Places to Visit in Ashtarak, Armenia, Asia

Ashtarak is a commercialized city in Armenia. It is positioned on the left basin of the rivulet Kasagh extended till the ravine and just about 23 km from the state capital Yerevan. It is the command center of the Aragatsotn Province. The city houses numerous primordial and structural mementoes that are astoundingly remarkable. Ashtarak is also prominent for viniculture and wine making. The city has an altitude of 1,110 m above sea level. The city is good for outings and picnics. The geographical coordinates of Ashtarak is 40°17′51″ N 44°21′42″ E and the total area exceeds over 7.5 km2 (2.9 sq mi) and positioned 1110 meters above the sea level.


Ashtarak is a prominent city in Armenia as far as the cultural and economic system of the country is concerned and hosts many industries as well educational institutions.

Tourist Attractions in Ashtarak

Karmravor Church

Karmravor cathedral is a structural splendor constructed during the 17th century. Karmravor literally means reddish and the cathedral received its name due to the red arena structure. It is alleged that in the year 1873 Shukhonts inscribed bible was presented to the cathedral. One can find khatchkars in the vicinity of the church.

Tsiranavor Church

Tsiranavor Church was constructed amidst of 13th and 14th centuries. It gained the name Tsiranavor due to the color of the rock that was made use to structure this place. At present one can only find the remnants of the cathedral.

Spitakavor Church

Spitakavor Church also named after the white rock that was made use to structure this place. At present one can only find the remnants of the cathedral. It is stated the cathedral was constructed during the period of 540 to 557 BC.

Surb Sargis Church

Surb Sargis minster is a small cathedral in the conurbation of Ashtarak. It is one of the archetypical churches of Armenia. It was constructed in the 19th century. It is well sheltered, but when scrutinized one can find the ramparts made of old rocks which affirm that the cathedral is very old.


Surb Mariane Church

Surb Mariane Church is the biggest of all the cathedrals in the city of Ashtarak. It is alleged that the cathedral was constructed in the early 13th century. It has a spherical interior and a rectangular periphery. The arena of the cathedral is most striking feature.

Ashtarak Bridge

Ashtarak Bridge was constructed in the year 1664 on the river Kasagh.  The bridge consists of three arches of diverse dimensions. Initially it was used for carrying commodities but currently it is a tourism destination. A course from the bridge leads to the cathedral of Saint Sargis.

Best season to visit Ashtarak

One can visit Ashtarak city throughout the year. Due to the high elevation the climate in the summer tends to be cool and pleasant. It gets moderate rainfall during the monsoon season. The climate in the winter season tends to be very cold with snowfall.

Accessibility to Ashtarak

Public and private transportations provide ample of buses from Aragatsotn prefecture to Ashtarak. Aragatsotn region is well connected by busses to the capital city Yerevan. One can hire private taxis to go around the city. Aragatsotn is about 42 kms from Ashtarak and 22 kms away from the capital city Yerevan and well connected with both the cities.

Accommodations in Ashtarak

Ashtarak being the cultural capital of Armenia and sited 22 kms away from Yerevan houses best hotels in the country and tourist experiences the different hospitality. List of hotels in Ashtarak is as follows:

  • Hotel House
  • Nork Residence
  • Metropol Hotel
  • Penthouse Hotel & Hostel
  • Deluxe Hotel
  • Valensia
  • Hotel Golden Palace
  • Family Hotel
  • Capital Hotel
  • Golden Seconds Hotel
  • Allstar Terjan Hotel
  • Avan Villa

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