Spiritual Museum in Agra- The New Era Museum

Spiritual Museum in Agra – The New Era Museum

Agra is known as the “City of Taj” and is completely filled with antique pieces. This is a historical place having huge number of artifacts. This place must be visited without fail. All the monuments found in this place reflect the brilliance of the Mughals. There are so many museums in this place but the spiritual museum is the most well known museum.

Spiritual museum

The most well known spiritual establishment in India as well as in abroad is the Brahma Kumaris. It is dedicated only towards the truth of life. They believe that God is their father. It has showed its fame all around the world and they are mainly in India. The spiritual museum of Agra is working under the hands of the Brahma Kumaris.

An Architectural Wonder 

This is a newly constructed museum that is artistically decorated. It is a blend of many colors, shapes and forms. The matching of the colors and objects were nicely imagined and artistically produced. The front gate is constructed in the shape of the Shikara and the gardens and fountains surround the whole place.

Workshops and Relics

You get to see the most ancient things like the relics in this museum. You can be a part of the yoga and meditation seminars organized in this place. This museum will keep its doors open all round the clock of a week. There are many chambers that produce a number of religious beliefs and cultures in this museum. You can involve in the religious workshops without registering yourself.

Location of This Museum

This museum is situated close to the Taj Mahal and is situated by the route of the Taj Mahal and therefore it is a famous spot for tourists to visit. Agra is the central place for you to visit this place.

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