Museums in Agra – Preserved Cultural Heritage

Museums in Agra – Preserved Cultural Heritage

Agra is the city that is famous for its tradition and culture. The monuments found in this place are all based on the Mughal, Islam and the Persian style of architecture. There are a number of museums that hold a huge number of cultures and heritage of the past. The history of Indian culture is hidden in this place. You must have a visit to this place when you come to Agra.

Museums of India

You can find the Taj Mahal museum in the premises of the Taj Mahal. In this museum you can have a look at the real paintings of the construction of the Taj Mahal. You find the most antique pieces in this place that are worth watching it. Through these paintings you can get the information about the interiors of the Taj. You will get the opportunity to have a look at the drawings that show the interior designs of the monument. It was erected in the year 1982 and was recognized in the Jal Mahal that is situated with in Taj Mahal. There are some more interesting paintings that hold the portraits and some luxurious jewels. It is a huge structure that includes 2 floors, 3 galleries and a main hall. There are around 150 antique things found in this place. You will get to look at the arms, marble pillars, some paintings and you can see the replication s of the coins of the Mughal era.

There is another interesting museum known as the spiritual museum in Agra. It has a good collection of some antique pieces that is likely to be visited. The most well known establishment was the Brahma Kumar that can be found only in this place. The entire place is well designed with beautiful colors and artistic works. This is an ideal place for you to meditate and practice yoga.

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