Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal is the most beautiful structure in the whole world. The tourists let it be an Indian or a foreigner would always dream to visit this place at least once, as it is the symbol of love and affection. Emperor Shah Jahan built it to his beloved wife Mumtaz. This monument has inspired many masses like the true lovers of human emotions, art, musicians, poets, painters and writers.

It is situated in Agra in the city of Uttar Pradesh, India. This great monument lies on the banks River Yamuna. It took almost 20 year for Shah Jahan to construct this structure and it took almost 20,000 people to work on this structure. This is the structure that shows its beauty during the dusk. You can take a walk in the soft green gardens with Cyprus trees.

The Mahal is truly made of white marble and there is a huge pretty dome at the heart surrounded by 4 minarets. It seems to be a fairy palace from distant and a magnificent palace when viewed from near. The most wonderful feature about this Mahal is that you can have a look at its reflection in the water of River Yamuna.

The interiors of the tomb are very well designed using the expensive and exceptional stones. Queen Mumtaz has a room that is very well designed small room and you can go there with the help of a few steps. You will fall in love at first sight only. You can enjoy the great work of patterns designed on the white marble. The whole structure is inscribed with the sacred Quran. It will be great if you visit this place in the day of full moon. This monument seems to look like a structure of pearls.

This masterpiece was designed by Ustad-Ahmed; he is the famous architect of Lahore. He used the Central Asia, Islam and Persian style of art and architecture. This structure is made to stand on the 187×187 feet platform. It has the shape of an octagon. The diameter of the central dome is 59 feet and is at a height of about 215 feet.

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