Mehtab Bagh – The Moon Lit Garden

Mehtab Bagh – The Moon Lit Garden

All praise to the Mughal emperor as we have another beautiful and romantic place to be visited. This is also a part of the Taj Mahal. This place is constructed in such a way that from this place one can watch the whole of Taj Mahal and the moon. Placed in the northern side of Taj Mahal this garden is an extension of the Taj Mahal gardens present in the western front. This place was constructed during the beginning of the 16th century. It has two different names for this place one is the Mehtab Bagh and the other one is the moonlight. In the early times the place was filled with smelling flowers, fountain jets, and shaded pavilions and the reflecting pools. But now this place has lost all its Charm as time passes. This place was renovated in the 1990 due to tourism purposes.

Historical Tale Associated With This Garden

The moon lit garden has a lake which gives us the beautiful reflection of the Taj Mahal on it.  Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal mausoleum for his beloved wife Mumtaz It was believed Shah Jahan wanted a Taj Mahal for himself hence he built a pond in such a way that the whole of Taj Mahal reflects on it.

Complete Description of the Mehta Bagh

Built in the Charbagh Fashion, this place covers an area of 225 acres. The Garden contains four Sand stone and the whole Garden has the width of the Taj Mahal. The Garden has been flooded by the Yamuna River since the Mughal period. There are also pavilions in the garden which lie towards to the north and the south of the temple the pool is nourished by the small water fall.  A canal is placed in this region which fills the thirst of the garden. All this beauty has just become words today as they all are in a ruined state.

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