Shah Jahan Park – Yet another Priceless Beauty

Shah Jahan Park – Yet another Priceless Beauty

A historical park with one of the best ambience as it was built and preserved from the past times. As we all know about the Mughal architecture and the love they have towards building objects. It is placed in the city of Taj where the great monument that is the Taj Mahal is present. Holding the beauty of the past it is placed in the western part of Taj Mahal. The Taj Mahal on one side and the Yamuna River on the other side adds beauty to this place.

Historical Aspects – Shah Jahan Park

The park was built by Shah Jahan during the period when he was in power.  He was one of the greatest Mughal emperors and had beautiful structures built up during his time. The greenery at this place makes us go awe and is a really good place to visit for touristers. . Let’s fling a few illuminations about the architectural conjecture of this garden.

Architectural Designs of the Shah Jahan Park

The park is a nice place to whither away your time and it gives us one of the best feeling of all time. The park is divided by twin roads which make it easy for us to have a brisk walk in the morning.  It is a nice place for people to visit with their friends and families. A golf court is present which is adjacent to this place and one has a look of the players a place. Now let’s check out the current status of this place.

Shah Jahan Park- The Current Status

Though the park has not been taken care well in the modern period, people living in this locality have complained to the government authorities on the maintenance of the park but there was no response. People living around this place come here and spend their morning and evening in this place. People from the near by hotels also come and visit this park due to its historical importance.

Reaching this place

This park is placed in the city of Agra which is also known as the city of Taj. This city is well linked with all other major cities in India be it the airways railways or the roadways. This place also has bus stand which has frequent to Delhi. From the bus stand an auto rickshaw will help you to reach this place.

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