Dayalbagh Gardens – Garden of the Supreme Lord

Dayalbagh GardensGarden of the Supreme Lord

This place is one of the major tourist attractions in Agra and is an important pilgrimage site. This place is a major place for the radhsoami religious sect. In the year 1961 this place was brought in and implemented by the Shri Shiv Dayal Singh. The set of religion combine the facts of all religions and is known as the up coming version of Taj Mahal. This place and its followers are the best example for Religious lenience.

Dayalbagh Gardens – Architectural Wonder

This garden contains a grand memorial that is an actively amalgamation of temple, Vihara, Gurudwara and mosque. It is built in the fond memory of Soami Maharaj, in the year 1908, as popularly and lovingly called by his disciples. He lived in

A memorial is built in remembrance of this religion whose architecture is simply mind blowing. The specialty about this memorial is its architecture which depicts all the religions. It was built in the year 1908 by the disciples for the Guru Soami Maharaj. It is in complete building which is around 100 feet tall. It is just a common belief by the people of this religion that the construction of this building must not be completed. The whole building is constructed with white marble. The organizations surround the superior Pietra Dura hatch work on top of the internal walls.

Dayalbagh Gardens – Open For All

There are no restrictions for anyone to visit this place as this religion always looks for one religion. There are various fests which take place in this region. People from this religion come to this place to attend the fests every year.

Dayalbagh – Location

This park is placed in the city of Agra which is also known as the city of Taj. This city is well linked with all other major cities in India be it the airways railways or the roadways. This place also has bus stand which has frequent to Delhi. It is located only 15 km from the Agra fort.

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