Bazaars in Agra – Right Spot Shopping Spree

Bazaars in Agra – Right Spot Shopping Spree

Agra is not only the place of monuments and cultural heritage but also the best place for you to shop. There are many attractive bazaars that make sure that the tourists spend a good amount of money in the shopping from here. There are a huge variety of artifacts available in this place and the tourists would also like to purchase a lot of things.

Bazaars in Agra

The craftsmen working this place have a huge talent within them. By looking at their art you will not stop your hands from taking the miniature Taj Mahal many other gifts. The items and goods you purchase from this place is worth and you get it in a cheaper rate. You also get the marble furniture from the bazaars in Agra. You can find the dazzling precious and semi-precious stones and jewelries everywhere. You can also purchase Persian carpets, leather products, colorful handicrafts and many more.  You can also carry the well-known sweets of this city like the Pedas and Gazaks or you can even taste the spicy snack-Dalmoth.

The most well known bazaars in Agra are the Tajganj, Loha Mandi, Civil Lines, Dayal bagh, and the Rakab Ganj. You can purchase bags, purses, wall hangers, colorful slippers, dresses, glass bangles, etc. you would love to shop in the rushing wind, the yelling of the roadside hawkers, the localities shopping and the colorful hanging items on the shops. This is a perfect picture of the bazaar. The items you purchase will all be within your budget and it will not cost you more at all.

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