Echo of an Extraordinary Past – The Taj Mahal Museum

Echo of an Extraordinary Past – The Taj Mahal Museum


It was constructed on the ground floor of the western Naubat Khan that was known as the Jal Mahal. Very much inside the Taj Mahal complex, it is a double storied building that has a courtyard projection outside and is constructed on a raised platform.

The Taj Mahal Museum Galleries

You can find 3 galleries other than the main hall and they are well furnished and finely decorated. The paintings found in this place give the knowledge about the manufacturing days of the Taj Mahal. It takes you back to the ancient period.

First gallery display

In this place you can find the plans and color drawings that are beautifully architecture. You get to see the site plan that shows the elevation of the tombs and records. There are some replicas of Shah Jahan’s Farman’s dated AD 1632 addressed to Raja Jai Singh that proves the regular supply of makrana marble.

Second gallery display

In this gallery you get to see the jade and porcelain objects like Quran. There is a wonderful bejeweled spouted vase that is also called as lota. There is a mirror affixed on the stone. The kitchen items are all made of Celadon ware. There are swords, daggers and other war items. There is a world map too that depicts the places from where the precious and semi precious stones were bought for the construction of the Taj Mahal.

Third gallery display 

In the third gallery you get to see the royal Farman’s and documents, some popular calligraphy specimens (Waslis), the two paintings of Taj Mahal done by Daniel the British artist in the year 1795.

Antiquities on display

You can find around 125 antiquities in the galleries. There is a huge collection of the paintings of the Taj Mahal Museum that just attractive to the eyes and never let you go. The various antiquities found in this place are the calligraphy specimens and manuscripts, Government decrees, Arms, ammunitions, utensils, Taj Complex drawings, Inlay work specimens, marble pillars, the coin replicas, the paintings of Shah Jahan and his wife Mumtaz Mahal both on ivory are enclosed in the bejeweled wooden frame that is situated at the heart of the main hall. The paintings inspired by the most popular Persian epic Shahnama of Firdausi. The ancient manuscript of Chaihl Majlis that was in 1612 holding the signature of the great Shah Jahan that dates back to 1628 AD.

You visit to the Taj Mahal Museum can be done between 10.00 am to 5.00 pm as this is the working hours of the Taj Mahal museum. And it will be unfortunate if you visit on Friday, as the doors will be shut on this day.

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