Bageshwarnath Temple – Ancient Shiva Temple of Agra

Bageshwarnath TempleAncient Shiva Temple of Agra

The Bageshwarnath temple is the famous temple in the city of Agra. There are foreigners who visit this place in huge masses every year. You can find the temple of Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati. It is the most sacred place for the Hindus. This holy place is famous for its art and sculptures. The localities come here to worship the god.

Architecture of Bageshwarnath temple

This is the primeval temple that occupies acres of land. Its beauty it self pulls the devotees and the pass byers. It is very beautiful and good to watch it. The Hindu festivals are celebrated grandly. You can see the disciples who come here to worship the god. They take part in the celebrations of the Hindu festivals. People from worldwide visit this place to get knowledge about the ancient times of India. The temple is grandly decorated during the time of festivals. The whole year devotees come to visit this place.

This temple is full of devotees all round the year. Old people and children come here to join the bhajans and kirtans. The women mostly visit this place to grant food and water for the god and goddess each dawn and dusk. The ringing of the bells gives a soothing effect to the ears of the people. They get all the peace and relaxation to the body and soul. Every morning and evening the purohits offer prayers to all the idols in the temple. There are many statues of lord Shiva and goddess Parvati.

Location of Bageshwarnath Temple

It is situated in Ramratan road on the northern part of Agra. It is just 2.5 kms away from the heart of the Agra city and is close to the railway station. You can hire a rickshaw to visit this place. Advance booking can be done through a private tour operator. The city is well connected by roadways, airways and railways with the major cities of India. You can travel by bus or train or flight to reach this place. This is the holy place that has to be visited without fail.

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