Sevan Tourist Places to Visit in Sevan, Armenia, Asia

Sevan Tourist Places to Visit in Sevan, Armenia, Asia

Sevan is a city in the Gegharkunik Province, Armenia.  It is positioned on the banks of the Lake Sevan. The township was established in the year 1842 by as Yelenovka. The Sevan peninsula is the seat to the significant model of medieval Armenian structural design the Sevanavank Monastery. Gegharkunik is the biggest province in Armenia, it renowned for its rich account, ethnicity and impressive natural splendor. The geographical coordinates of the Sevan city is 40°33′18″ N 44°57′13″ E and it is positioned 1905 meters above the sea level. Sevan area spans over 8.5 km2 (3.3 sq mi) and was found in the year 1842. Sevan is about 69 kms away from Yerevan, the capital city of Armenia.

Sevan City Landmarks

  • Sevan Beach
  • Sevan Peninsula
  • Sevan Skyline
  • Astvatsatsin Church of Sevanavank
  • Vaskenian Academy

Tourist Attractions in Sevan

Lake Sevan

Lake Sevan is positioned in the Gegharkunik Province 60 km to the northern section of the state capital Yerevan. It is stated that28 rivulets and watercourses streams into the lake and one solitary river streams out of the lake i.e., the River Hrazdan. It is the supreme one in the Caucasus section. It facilitates with fresh ground water and fresh water fish to the South Caucasus section. The lakes banks comprise of lush green vegetation. The wildlife comprises of aquatic animals, amphibians, birds, mammals and reptiles.

Sevan National Park

The Sevan National Park was constructed in the year 1978 and preserves the area about 150000 hectares about which 25000 hectares is the lakeside terrain. It is enveloped by the knolls of Sevan, Geghama, Areguni, Vardenis and Pambak. It was chiefly built to preserve the Lake Sevan and the areas in its vicinity.


Sevanavank monastery is positioned in the Gegharkunik province just about 7 km from the city. It is renowned for the Lake Sevan in Armenia. The isthmus of Sevan has two cathedrals such as Surb Arakelots and Surb Astvatsamayr that were supposedly constructed in the year 874 AD. These two cathedrals together structure the Sevanavank monastery. It has been the onlooker of the battle between the Armenian services lead by Gevorg Marzpetuni and Arab militia lead by commanding officer Bashir.


Hayravank Monastery is positioned in the Gegharkunik province just about 26 km from the city. It was constructed during the period of 9th and 12th centuries. The three chief features of the monastery are the Chapel, a gavit and the church. St. Stepanos the chief cathedral is structured in the four sided semi-arched design and was constructed during the 9th century. The chapel was supplemented in the 10th century. The gavit was the last section added to the monastery during the 12th century and the structure of the monastery was completed as a whole.

Noratus Khatchkar Field

Noratus was initially regarded as a hamlet. It then became a parish that preserves several mementoes that dates back to the Iron and Bronze eras. The mausoleum of Noratus comprise of 800 khatchkars which showcases the evolvement of the khatchkar art. The chief periods are divided such as 9th to 10th centuries, 11th to 12th centuries and 13th to 16th centuries.

Best season to visit Sevan

Due to the high altitude the climate during the summer is very gentle and warm, best time for tourists to visit Sevan. There is moderate rainfall in the monsoon season. The climate in the winter season tends to be very cold.

Accessibility in Sevan

Buses are accessible from Gegharkunik prefecture to Sevan. Gegharkunik region is well connected by buses to the capital city Yerevan. One can hire private taxis to go around the city. Yerevan is about 69 kms and Gyumri is approx 130 kms away from Sevan.

Accommodation in Sevan

Some of the reputed hotels in Sevan are listed below.

  • Harsnakar Hotel Complex & Water World
  • Best Western Bohemian Resort Hotel
  • Hotel Kecharis
  • Alva Hotel
  • Tsaghkahovit Hotel
  • Hotel Shirak
  • Hotel Viardo
  • Akhtamar Hotel
  • Armenia Marriott Hotel
  • Hotel Zvartnots
  • Hotel Noy
  • Hotel Bagart

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